LeBron’s coming back again, and it’s not that big a deal anymore

He’s just another guy we don’t like anymore.  Put him at the top of that list once headed by Carlos Boozer and followed by Joakim Noah and DeShawn Stevenson, but that’s really all it is at this point.  Now sure, he’s waaayyy at the top of that list while guys like Stevenson are way off it these days, but I really feel today like he’s nothing more than a glorified version of the forgetable clowns that those guys are.  

Now he’s just an opposing player we like the least of all opposing players there are in this league.  The emotion and all that from the summer on into December 2nd, I’m done with all that.  LeBron James doesn’t deserve the time or energy. 

The unthinkable has come, gone, he’s come back, and now he’s coming back again, and all the while the Cavs have sucked it up over here in Cleveland all season.  My boy Derrick Williams said it can only go up from here though, and as far as the past goes I’m good to leave it there.  Last time he came back I went down to see something I never thought I’d ever see.  I’ve seen it now, and the page has turned.

LeBron has certainly helped with all that though.  He’s made it clear this season that he isn’t the person we thought he was.  And I’m seriously taking this summer out of it, I’m just looking at it in the vacuum of this season.   A season in which he’s proven that he is not fit for any type of crown.  No doubt the ability is there, but Vince Carter had ability too.  LeBron was supposed to be different, he supposed to be special.  But it turns out all he ever wanted to do was just fit in with the crowd.  We thought he wanted to lead.  

I still look back a few years and marvel at the fact that the LeBron James we thought we knew was crying in the locker room after a regular season loss a few weeks ago because he missed another buzzer beater while everybody was laughing at him for missing buzzer beaters.  Because he was crying.  And I also used to think he was intelligent, but now he just looks so ignorant and stupid referring to himself as GI James on twitter.  Because he did declare war on the basketball playing world.  Assuming Dwayne and Chris were marching with him that is.  Maybe even worse than that though this season, we saw the NBA community beg LeBron James to stop shooting “clutch” shots in end of game situations and “please pass it to Dwayne Wade” because he is a “better closer” than you are.  And we watched him then defer. 

Thing is for me the name LeBron James just doesn’t mean what it used to.  Whether he scores 85 points himself tonight or not, he’s just another guy we don’t like anymore.  And a guy we only thought we ever knew.  Feel free to boo tonight peoples, let’s keep it civil though.  No need to give them the satisifaction.  Cleveland all day.

I’ll be down at the Q tonight so follow your boy on twitter (@StepienRules).  If I end up with an opening, I may just ask LeBron a question postgame that will get me on Sportscenter.  But probably not.

Brendan Bowers

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