Lakers in “serious discussions” with Mike Brown to replace Phil Jackson

UPDATE – Lakers officially hire Mike Brown: “The Lakers were expected to announce Brown as the 22nd coach in franchise history Wednesday afternoon but first issued a statement.

“In response to rampant speculation and reports about our head coaching position and Mike Brown, we’ve met with Mike and are very impressed with him,” the team said. “In addition, we have an outline for an agreement in place and hope to sign a contract within the next few days.”

Brown, who is currently in Cleveland, will sign the contract later this week. According to league sources, the deal will be for four years and $18.2 million.

The contract is a three-year deal with a team option for a fourth year. If the Lakers don’t pick up the option, Brown is guaranteed to receive $2.5 million.” –

The majority of the basketball watching world will most likely meet this Mike Brown looks to be the next Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers News with a reaction along the lines of this: 

“Wait, what? Who? Mike Brown from the Cavs, really? He’s going to LA to replace Phil Jackson? Seriously?” 

In a lot of ways I’m right in line with that reaction too.  I never thought Mike Brown would be headed to LA.  Maybe California, I thought Golden State looked like a good fit, but never standing over there courtside next to Jack.  But it appears the Showtime stage just may be Brown’s next stop. 

From Yahoo!:

“The Los Angeles Lakers are engaged in serious discussions with Mike Brown about the ex-Cleveland Cavaliers coach becoming the franchise’s next coach, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday night.

The Lakers are focused on talks with Brown, who was fired in 2010 after five seasons in Cleveland, where he went 272-138.

Los Angeles had considered longtime assistant Brian Shaw, but the focus is now on Brown, who is currently an NBA analyst for ESPN. There could be an agreement in place within the next 24-48 hours, sources say, but nothing has been finalized. Brown expects to reach a resolution one way or another with Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The two sides are working out issues that could be dealbreakers and cause the Lakers to go to another candidate, sources said, but there’s clearly momentum toward Brown becoming the next head coach.”

Do note that’s Mike Brown negotiating “dealbreakers” with the Lakers.  Something like, I’m going to need you to give me this, this and that, or I’m not coming.  And you know what, he’s doing that because he can.

I’ve always said that I think Mike Brown is a great coach, and I think he will go down as the most under-appreciated Cleveland Head Coach in recent memory. 

And while I will be shocked in one sense to see him in LA because I thought that job was Brian Shaw’s or Rick Adeleman’s or even maybe Byron Scott’s, I won’t be shocked to see him succeed out there.  I think he’ll win big, maybe he even beats LeBron next season for the title.


Hot Rod Williams Arrested

In other not so good ‘former Cavaliers news’, John “Hot Rod” Williams was arrested last night for gunshots that went off at some type of party he was having at his house.  That report is below:

“Police in Louisiana have arrested former NBA player John “Hot Rod” Williams on a misdemeanor count related to gunshots fired during a party at his home.  Gonzales police tell The Advocate of Baton Rouge that Williams and his relatives told officers about eight shots were fired by an unknown person attending Saturday’s party put on for members of Williams’ family.  The 48-year-old Williams was booked Tuesday with letting a disorderly place and was given a court date. If convicted, Williams faces a fine of up to $500, six months in prison or both. Police say no one was injured and no property was harmed in Saturday’s shooting.”

Hopefully that was just a misundertanding.  Good luck with that Hot Rod, glad nobody was hurt.

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