Mike Brown on His Glasses, AP on the Lockout, and Cavs Hire New Radio Guy

I’ve always been a big fan of Mike Brown’s, and it seems every time a story surfaces about the guy he just comes off even cooler to me.  

Like this one, for example, where some guy from Cleveland sent him a letter when he first arrived in town saying his head looked fat in the glasses he was wearing, so Brown in turn ends up buying a bunch of glasses off the guy.

This from Mike Brown in Equire.com yesterday:

“When I started coaching in Cleveland, I got this letter. It was straight to the point. “Coach Brown, you don’t know me, but I work with eyewear. Your glasses are too small and they make you look like you have a big, fat head.

I’d be able to fit you with some glasses that will make your head look normal.” I called right away. I’m embarrassed to tell anyone how many pairs of eyeglasses I’ve got now. I get razzed by my colleagues because my wife always matches my glasses to my suit. I won best dressed in high school, but my wife thinks I need to step up my game since we’ve moved to L.A.”

Nice marketing ploy by that guy who worked in eye-wear: tell NBA coach his head looks fat in current glasses, then sell about three dozen designer frames to said coach after he calls you to help him not make his head look fat.  Well played, sir.

In other news, Anthony Parker was talking about the NBA Lockout on The Fan 590 in Toronto. Here’s an excerpt of some of what AP had to say about it via Sports Radio Interviews.com:

“I think the players union has shown the willingness to negotiate. We want to play. It’s weird as an athlete your body is conditioned at this point in the season we’re supposed to be in training camp and it’s like an alarm clock where you know okay this is the time the trees are changing colors and we’re supposed to be in a gym right now and to fight that and to miss paychecks it’s difficult but I think it shows the resolve of the players in that we want a fair deal. We want a fair deal and we’re gonna play regardless, but we want to play in the NBA but it’s gotta be fair and it’s gotta be something that we, as players, feel proud about and that the next group of players can inherit and feel proud about being under that system.”


Lastly, the Cavs Hired a Hockey Announcer to replace Joe Tait: I wanted Matt Dery to get the job to be honest. I was first turned onto Matt’s work about five or six years ago by my Dad who would listen to sports talk radio from Detroit while driving around the CLE in his car.  I tuned in myself after a while, and became a fan of Matt’s work from there.  I’d since spent some extended time in the Detroit area, caught a couple Pistons games he did over the years, have seen some of the TV work he’s done as well, and I also find him to be a good follow on twitter too. I really thought Matt Dery, who also grew up in this area, was a no-brainer for this job.  I thought he would be the one to get it for sure, and I was actually shocked that he didn’t.  

That said, I wish John Michael, Lake Erie Monsters play by play man and contributor to the Columbus Blue Jackets broadcast, nothing but the best.  

This is from the press release, where Michael is saying all the things you’re supposed to when hired for a job like this one:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be back in Cleveland, while also being humbled to be selected for this tremendous opportunity. I will work extremely hard to help carry on the tradition of radio excellence with the Cavaliers. Of course, Joe Tait can never be replaced or replicated. He’s a Hall of Famer that many of us in the broadcasting community will always consider the best that ever was,” said Michael. “With that in mind, our focus as a new broadcast team will simply be to do everything we possibly can to enhance our fans’ enjoyment of the game. Our fans will always be the focus of what we are doing and why we’re doing it.” 

So congrats John, and good luck with the new gig.

Brendan Bowers

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