My latest at SLAM…JJ Sullinger on Ohio State Basketball and his youngest brother Jared

I had a chance to talk to JJ Sullinger for a while earlier this week about all things Ohio State Basketball, as well as his brother Jared, and the link to that Q and A over at SLAM is right here.

JJ was real cool to talk with, and an excerpt of our conversation – with JJ talking about Jared Sullinger – is below:

“We always said growing up that Jared would be the best of the three. At the time, that was pretty big shoes to fill, really. The success that Julian and I had on the basketball court was pretty good, but we always said Jared was going to be the best.  When Jared was three he was shooting a regular sized basketball from the free throw line. Not too many three year olds can do that, not too many 10 year olds can do that actually. Then when he was five he was popping threes, like making three or four in a row. So he’s been a special player from the beginning.

He’s still not the most athletic kid on the court though, but because he’s been playing against older people pretty much all his life, when he gets around people his own age he’s still fighting to survive because that’s how he’s used to playing.  That fight is what makes him so successful, because a lot of times they’re not ready for it.”

For the full article, click here: JJ Sullinger Q and A. On Ohio State Basketball and his youngest brother Jared.

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