NBA Dribbles

When Jrue Holiday recorded his first career triple-double against New Jersey some two weeks ago, people introduced it on several highlight reel shows (NBA Tonight springs to mind) as “a poor mans triple-double”. They said that because his tallies were a mere 11 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds.

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So why are people falling over themselves about Rajon Rondo’s 11 point, 10 assist 10 rebound effort against the Heat? Was it due to the superior opposition of the Heat as opposed to the lowly Nets?

You know, the same Nets that rotate Devin Harris at the point, as opposed to the Heat’s mixture of Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo? Actually, Arroyo didn’t even play, it was Eddie House.

Not saying Holiday is anywhere near the level of Rondo (yet) but let’s be a bit fairer when dishing out praise shall we?

Our Cavs brought us right back down to earth Sunday with that loss eh? Still though, 1 is far better than 28 when talking about losses on the bounce right? It says it all that every member of our starters registered a big fat minus in the box score of the game, whereas every single reserve received a plus. Just saying.

We are now 2-7 following a win. Great.

JJ Hickson has 73 rebounds his past 7 games. I don’t think he had that many throughout the entirety of last season, but I’m open to correction. The Hickson’s gaudy board grabbing has happened in battles with such rebound-magnets as Blake Griffin, Tyson Chandler, Zach Randolph, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Al Jefferson and Carlos Boozer.

Maybe he is what we thought he would be. If not, he’s certainly getting there while getting no recognition from anyone outside of Cleveland. Guess that’s what happens when you lose 83% of the games you play in. Just let it be known, JJ is for real.

I just can’t believe that in one weekend, our losing streak ended, the Wizards won a road game and Ohio State lost their perfect record. Which one shocked you most?

I haven’t said my bit on Jerry Sloan and his resignation yet, so here goes. If, and it’s a big if, he did leave because of a confrontation/agenda/disagreement with Deron Williams then it’s the Jazz who are the bigger losers. I say this because Jerry Sloan is arguably a top ten coach – all time.

Deron Williams an all time top ten point guard? In the NBA right now sure, but when it’s all said and done? Plus, any guy who just doesn’t do losing seasons in a pretty small NBA market where free agents are few and far between (sans one bald headed rat) don’t just grow on trees.

If, however he resigned off his own back, I apologise for anything derogatory in that last paragraph related to Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz.

Our Cavaliers have beaten the Boston Celtics more times than the Miami Heat have this season, and the same amount of times the LA Fakers have managed. In a word, ha.

Would you place $100 of your own money on a jaw-dropping trade going down before the deadline? Thought so. But then again, they always say there’s calm before the storm, so maybe this little quiet spell of rumours will simply explode into trade after trade.

Maybe Carmelo Anthony will leave Denver.

Perhaps Philadelphia actually will trade Andre Iguodala?

Alternatively, Andre Miller could be dealt from Rip City.

Perhaps Steve Nash will get hijacked from the Suns to the delight of NBA Fans everywhere (for some reason).

Will Chicago nab that elusive shooting guard they seek?

And what of our very own Cavaliers? Can we get a buyer for Jamison? Do we want to even find a buyer? Can we use that TPE of ours? Will we get that draft pick from Chicago for Anthony Parker? Who knows?

I don’t think anyone does. Maybe, all will stay quiet and there’ll be no storm and things will resume as normal after the All Star festivities.


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