Around the Association: my thoughts on Perkins and the Thunder

I was hoping Sunday’s Cavs / Thunder game would be the Oklahoma City debut for Kendrick Perkins because I’m real interested to see how this trade plays out for Durant’s squad.  Thunder Coach Scott Brooks said pregame that Perk was “progressing well” and “played in five on five drills at practice” but it wouldn’t be today he’d wear that Thunder jersey for the first time however.  

Maybe they didn’t think he was needed to get past the Baron / Antawn / Erden/ Andy / Graham – less Cavs I suppose.  Like how I worked Semih and Joey in there? 

Anyways, since I wouldn’t see him during the game I decided to spend the majority of my time prior to tip-off watching him run shooting and defensive drills with a member of the OKC coaching staff.  I really had nothing else to do.  The coach was like fifty by the way and in about one hundred times better shape than me, but that’s besides the point.  The point was, Perkins was putting in some serious work.  I took video of it, but for some reason it wasn’t able to upload so you’ll have to take my word for it.  I did end up with this picture of household names Cole and Thabo though for whatever that’s worth. 

So anyways, this may sound weird to think that a pregame shooting work-out with a coach prior to a game he didn’t play in pushed me in one direction or another as to answering the quesiton inside my head of – “so do you think the Thunder are better after this trade for Perkins or no?” – that I’ve kicked around when I had nothing else to think about from time to time since the deadline, but it did. 

Perkins is a beast when you’re watching him up close, and he was going seriously hard for a considerable amount of time. 

And I’m really not even using the words “seriously hard” and “considerable amount of time” based on a comparision to my personal thirty minutes on a treadmill “work-outs” either.  It looked legit in NBA terms from what I’ve been around to see.  He put in a solid hour of constant movement and work and even kept going amidst some pregame kids day festivity that was going on around him.  Full shirt of drenched sweat. 

After a while I moved my observation from courtside to the tunnel by the locker room and played to pull my best Ed Werder impersonation when Perk walked by.  Camera out, ask him when he’s coming back, how he’s liked Durant and fellas so far, and other groundbreaking stuff like that I was planning on.  Only problem was he went until about 18 minutes before tip-off out on the floor, and by that time the team was in the tunnel waiting for him.

No Q and A from this guy came as a result, but after watching Perkins pregame, and then getting an up-close look at the Thunder and the variety of offensive weapons they have on this squad during the game, I don’t know how OKC’s not better with the addition of Perkins in the middle.


Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, that should be plenty of offense.  Perkins will bring some offense too, but more importantly he will bring a presence and toughness that will make this team better. 

So yeah, I basically wrote this whole post here that could be summarized by saying, Perkins looked like a beast during his work-out, and I think he definetely makes a good team better.  I also video taped some of his work-out but it didn’t upload, and I then came up empty on an interview attempt.  And I’m still looking forward to seeing Perk team up with Durant, who got a big reception here at the Q by the way. 

Probably because we in Cleveland view Durant as the anti-LeBron and love him for that, but that’s a topic for another day. 

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