Nick Gilbert Brings Kyrie Irving to Cleveland

It couldn’t make more sense that the pick Cleveland acquired from LA ends up being the number one overall selection in this June’s Draft because that’s just the type of trade a Donald Sterling-owned team would make. 

Mo Williams and Jamario Moon for Baron Davis and Kyrie Irving – that works for me. 

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Make no mistake either, there is no suspense with the Cavs first pick.  Duke’s Kyrie Irving may as well start looking in Strongsville at all those houses Bill Cowher ended up passing on because he is coming to Cleveland.  

The Kyrie Irving Era has officially begun.  He will be a member of the Cavaliers, and we can thank Nick Gilbert for that.

How the Cavaliers end up spending their fourth pick, the one they ended up “earning” by losing the 2nd most games this season, is anyone’s guess at this point though.  If Vegas had odds on the Cavs “picking a tall player from Europe” with the fourth selection, that would be the smart money at this point.  From what we know of the European bigs so far that makes sense too.  Go PG at one with Kyrie, and add a young big with some upside at four.

That is if the Cavs end up picking at four on Draft Night, actually.  They certainly can, and might, and I wouldn’t at all be mad if they did, but I have a feeling a blockbuster-ish trade is in the works for the Cavs on June 23rd.

I’m not saying they will trade their fourth pick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.  I kinda see a package that includes the Cavaliers Trade Exception, Ramon Sessions, and possibly that fourth selection being dealt in exchange for a player viewed by Chris Grant and company as a young “win-now” type player – or two – and possibly a move back into the later portion of the 1st round.   

With the cap number shrinking as the NBA collectively bargains in the coming months, we can expect teams to be looking to unload salary.  Nick’s Dad Dan isn’t afraid of adding salary though.  He spends luxury tax dollars like we buy candy bars.  I would think he’d be feeling a bit emboldened too after his move to take on more money in the Baron Davis deal ended up resulting in the 1st overall pick (as opposed to the 8th where LA finished).  

So while I’m counting Kyrie in, I’m not counting a big deal on draft night out.  With Irving in hand, the Cavaliers are playing with house money at this point.  I’m good with a European big there if they go that route, and I’m also good if they end up trying to move that pick too.  Plenty more on this later as the weeks go by though.

Stepien Rules Draft Party – Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in Downtown Willoughby:  Plenty more on this too: We’re throwing a Cavs Draft Party at Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in Downtown Willoughby on Draft Night (Thursday, June 23rd)! 

Put June 23rd on your calendar right now, cancel whatever you had scheduled, and just be there.  Free Pizza and $1.75 beers for everybody who says they heard about it here on Stepien Rules. 

I’ll be there, and if you walk in wearing a Skyenga shirt I will personally buy you a shot also.  I will also be inviting Skyenga to the party too, but at this point I cannot confirm his attendance. 

I can confirm it will be an awesome time though, so mark it down now and I’ll follow back up with you on this in the weeks to come.

Congrats again Nick, Cleveland appreciates your efforts out there in New Jersey tonight bud.  Job well done! 

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