Omri Casspi Reportedly Offered Over $500K to Play in Europe

The newest member of the Cavaliers hasn’t commented on this yet, but Dubi Pick from reported over a couple of tweets this weekend that Omri Casspi is entertaining overseas offers in excess of $500K for the upcoming season in the event the NBA remains locked out.  

Pick posted a couple of tweets three hours apart on Sunday saying the following:

“Omri Casspi has several European offers he prefers not to reveal just yet, and is eager to play pro ball this coming season.  Omri Casspi’s overseas offers are coming from Italy and Spain’s ACB and are over $500,000.”

This isn’t necessarily surprising, and I would imagine it makes sense for most anybody to grab that kind of money if they can while their current employer does not allow them to work.  I think the lockout is going to last for a real long time, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it wiped out the whole season, so why not go play overseas in the meantime?  In Casspi’s case, it might even give Cavs fans something to watch on YouTube while Billy Hunter and David Stern try to hash this thing out.

Anthony Parker told Bob Finnan he hasn’t ruled out re-joining the Cavs

There were reports earlier that AP said something along the lines of he doesn’t want to join the Cavs next season, but he told Bob Finnan from The News-Herald on Sunday that this wasn’t the case.  An excerpt from Finnan’s article is below:  

The chances of 36-year-old swingman Anthony Parker returning to the Cavaliers are slim.  But he has not ruled out re-signing with the club. He said he doesn’t know where the report originated from that he has ruled out the Cavs.

“I have never said that I will not re-sign with the Cavs,” Parker said via email. “I don’t know where Fox Sports Ohio got that information, but it wasn’t from me.”

Parker will be an unrestricted free agent when the lockout ends. The 6-foot-6, 210-pounder spent two seasons with the Cavs. He started 65 of the 72 games in which he played last year and averaged 8.3 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.0 assists.

AP’s a good guy, and I don’t think it would hurt to have him around, but I don’t see why he’d want to come back.  I think he sort of proved that he could be a reliable reserve on a quality team last season – think 10th or 11th guy on a playoff type team who wanted to add a solid team-first vet, a little bit of defense, and the ability to stretch the floor some – and at 36 years old, I would think he’d prefer taking a shot at spending his last couple years in the league trying to help somebody like that compete for a title.  Maybe he can go Danny Ferry ala the San Antonio Spurs and jump on board with that type of team in an attempt to steal a ring on his way out the door.  If he did that, I’d be happy for him. If he came back to Cleveland, that’s cool too.

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