On Cavs Bringing Back Anthony Parker And Possibly Trading Ramon Sessions

I don’t really feel it necessary to debate the merits of the Cavaliers re-signing Anthony Parker.  It’s going to happen. From a show up and available to play hard every night category, AP has been the most dependable Cavalier over the last two seasons.  He might not have always played as well as he did during his glory years, but he’s always been there for the Cavs, played hard, and been a positive influence both in the locker room and on the floor as well.  So in a season of uncertainty with three key young players new to the Byron Scott system (Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Omri Casspi), and three aging vets who spent much of last season injured (Baron Davis, Antawn Jamison, Anderson Varejao), I can see where it’d be nice to know what you’re going to get every night from a guy like Parker.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Anthony Parker talks to the media at the team's practice facility in in Independence, Ohio Thursday, April 14, 2011. The Cavaliers ended their season 19-63 Wednesday night and for the first time in six years will miss the NBA playoffs.
He’ll be healthy (has played 70+ games in each of last five seasons), he’ll play as much defense as he can, and he’ll also score 8 points per game.  In addition to that, he’ll help Omri Casspi, who he knows well from both of their Maccabi Tel-Aviv days, settle into his new surroundings here in Cleveland and it’ll bascially be a good time had by everyone involved.  Which is why the Cavaliers continue to consider re-signing AP a priority.  

The latest on this from Sam Amico at FSO:

Sources have indicated the Cavs are likely to offer free agent Anthony Parker a two-year deal. Parker, 36, started the majority of games at shooting guard last season. “They want to keep him,” one source said. “They like him as a leader and mentor.”

Just because the Cavs might offer Parker a contract doesn’t mean he would have to accept. At this point in his career, he may want to play for a veteran team that’s considered a championship contender. But he is also said to be very open to returning.

For the record, I’m fine with re-signing Parker and I think it’s a good idea for all the reasons I mentioned above.  I am assuming they won’t have to break the bank to do this however, and I am also assuming that Baron Davis will get some run at the two guard spot this season as well if he stays.  This would have to be the swan song for Anthony Parker too though, as far as spending a season starting at the SG spot for the Cleveland Cavaliers goes.  No offense, but I do think they’re going to need somebody younger than 36 to play the position next season.  As far as this one’s concerned, the ball is yours Parker.  Let’s do this.

Ramon Sessions:

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Ramon Sessions, center, passes the ball as he is defended by Los Angeles Clippers guard Mo Williams, right, and center DeAndre Jordan during the second half of their NBA basketball game in Los Angeles,  Saturday, March 19, 2011. The Clippers won 100-92.Amico also mentioned that Ramon Sessions is generating significant interest around the League as well, with the Knicks being one of those teams – again – interested. This makes sense for a couple reasons too.  First being the obvious one, that the Cavaliers are loaded at the not really all that tall guard spot right now.  Kyrie Irving isn’t going anywhere, Daniel Gibson makes $5 million, Baron probably won’t be amnestied, and then you have Sessions.  Really just no room for Sessions in the backcourt mix basically, even though that’s not really his fault.

I believe Ramon could be the best back-up PG in the League and/or start for the bottom 10 to 12 teams in it that didn’t just draft a PG in the top-10 of this past June’s draft (CLE, DET / Knight). That said, New York makes sense as a likely landing spot for him. Iman Shumpert (who NY picked 18th) can play the one a little bit, but I think he will be more effective as a freakishly athletic wing player who I also think will actually start at the SG spot over Landry Fields. So Sessions probably does fit in nicely behind Chauncey there.

And like it was referenced last season, Sessions has ties to the Mike D’Antoni staff going back to his high school days, and they’ve wanted him for a while now. NY pursured him now three summers ago as a FA, and it surfaced various times last season that they wanted him again. Sessions is a good player, and he would also flourish in a D’Antoni system that will create driving lanes for him to get to the basket, so it does make sense.  But who / what could the Cavaliers get in return?

I’ll take in order: Carmelo, Amare’, Iman Shumpert, or two first round draft picks.  Too much?  Okay I’ll take Landry Fields who Shumpert may make expendable this season by taking all his SG minutes.  I’m in no rush to shove Sessions out the door though, because the shame of it is he would probably be a steady back-up to Kyrie over the next few years.  Just don’t think it’s in the cards for that to happen though, and a guy like Fields [lobs hypothetical rumor out there] could play the two here in Cleveland maybe.

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