Ryan Hollins Is Broadcasting UCLA Games Right Now For Fox Sports West

Ryan Hollins doesn’t have the opportunity to go beast mode and lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to victories over the Miami Heat right now, so he’s looking for other things to occupy his time.  As a result, he’s jumped into the broadcast booth for UCLA basketball games and is breaking down all of the action for Fox Sports West on the television side of things. 

Here’s a picture of our guy Ryno doing just that:

The following is from Hollins via FS West:

Hollins, a backup center on the Cleveland Cavaliers, is taking a shot at broadcasting, offering analysis on Bruins telecasts for FOX Sports West before and after games and during halftime.

“The saying goes, you take lemons and make lemonade, right?” Hollins said.

That’s exactly what he’s doing. The lockout has begun costing players their bi-monthly paychecks, so Hollins, a five-year veteran, wants to begin preparing for life after the NBA while he has a chance. He’s only worked two games, but so far, so good.

“I love it,” he said. “I want to tackle this just like any other task, any other profession. I know I’ve got to be better and I want to work to be better, but so far I love the thrill of commenting and seeing the potential and the things I need to work on.”

As a former UCLA player, he said he also wants to provide honest criticism without being too critical.

“I was a player once, too, and I know when you’re watching a broadcast and somebody slams you, that’s really not cool to do,” he said. “So I know from a player’s standpoint how that feels and I just try to give as much constructive advice so that anything I say on the air I would say to their face.”

Ryan Hollins never struck me personally as a future TV analyst to be honest, but good on him for going after something he wanted to do like this. I like the approach of not trying to act like you’re awesome and just ripping the kids too.  Also, in other Ryan Hollins news, he apparently scored 60 points on 20 dunks in a charity game late last week.  

Here’s the video on that:


Sure it doesn’t look like anybody 6’3″ or taller was in the game with him, but 20 dunks is 20 dunks, right?  I heard he also made two threes FWIW too.

LeBron is also having a Homecoming game on December 1st at Akron’s Rhodes Arena.  Tickets go on sale Tuesday morning at 10am.  Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, and I believe a few other Cavaliers players will be playing in the game too along with James, Anthony, CP3 and D-Wade.  All for today. 

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