Samardo and the Cavs play host to Stan and the Magic

The Cavs have the Magic tonight down at the Q and while it’s not the big deal that it used to be, I’ll be down there tonight because Stan Van Gundy will be.  Hopefully I can think of some off the wall question to ask him and he can respond with one of those super annoyed looking faces he makes when the subject of David Stern and his tyrannical rule of the NBA happens to come up in conversation.  Hopefully.  

Anyways, tonight’s 7pm contest is the first of the last eight remaining home games this season, and final fourteen overall to close this thing out.

Over the weekend I posted some Cavs related information slash ramblings over at Waiting For Next Year, and if you missed that, I talked about the Clippers loss (100-92) by typing out this series of words below on my keyboard and then pushing the publish button:

With an opportunity to make a direct impact on the ping pong ball possibilities they received in exchange for Mo Williams, Jamario Moon, and the rights to the gooseneck hand signal, the Cavaliers fell short in the final few minutes.  Had that call on Blake the Almighty stayed a travel and not been flipped to a foul on Samardo Samuels with just over three minutes to go, maybe the Cavaliers would’ve rallied from down 5.  But it wasn’t and they didn’t.

Blake Griffin led the Clippers in every category, with game highs in points (30) and assists (8) and a team high (8) rebounds.  He played like the beast that he is.  For his part, JJ Hickson just about kept pace on the offensive end scoring 28 of his own to go with a game high (9) rebounds, but it would not be enough. If Samardo Samuels had kept his torrid pace of 14 early points going, and finished with what have projected out to about a game high 87, then maybe things would’ve been different.  But after starting red hot with those 14 he finished with 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 fouls. 

I also chimed in on the Clippers versions of Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, Ramon Sessions, JJ Hickson and a few other critical topics.  I then concluded with a question about how good would Samardo be on a decent team by comparing him to a guy I knew who averaged 20 points per game in high school for a team that went 0-40 during his junior and senior years:

What would his [Samardo Samuels] production look like as a player on a decent team?  For the month of March, on an awful one, he is averaging a 13.6 points and 6.6 rebounds per game.  He’s played in a sample size of 9 games during the stretch, averaged 29.1 minutes per, and the Cavaliers are 2-7.

How does that translate for the future?  I really have no idea.  If the Cavaliers add a Kyrie Irving, a Harrison Barnes, a Jared Sullinger, or a Kemba Walker or whoever, and bring back an Anderson Varejao, Baron Davis and Antawn Jamison, does Samardo Samuels have 30 minutes of playing time there? Could he really get enough shots off to score 14 points per game? 

I doubt it. But at least Samardo has worked himself into a spot where these are the types of questions people are asking about him now.  As opposed to what they said when nobody drafted him. 

For the full post over at Waiting For Next Year, click hereMore later from the Magic game.  Later could mean tonight, and it could mean tomorrow also by the way.

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