Cavaliers Consider Re-Signing Anthony Parker A Priority According To Report

In an article yesterday primarily citing sources who indicated Baron Davis has three teams (Lakers, Knicks, Bobcats) he’d be more interested in potentially signing with than the Miami Heat, should he in fact be Amnesty Clause’d, a warning shot was also fired across the bow of NBA front offices everywhere.

That message reading both simply and forcefully: Just back off Anthony Parker, the Cavs got this.

The free agent Parker averaged 8 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists in 72 games for Cleveland last year, while also playing both gritty and stellar defense as well, and Marc Stein offered the following on the Cavs interest in re-signing him:

“The well-regarded Ramon Sessions is also on the books in Cleveland for two more seasons at a cap-friendly salary and Daniel Gibson is coming off his best season. Sources say that the Cavs, furthermore, regard re-signing Anthony Parker as a priority, with Parker earmarked to play a lot of shooting guard to free up minutes at small forward for the newly acquired Omri Casspi.”

Anthony Parker is 35 years old, has a highly active and loyal Facebook Fanclub in Cleveland, but more than that he has been dependable in his two years of service with the Cavaliers.  In these last two seasons, he has played in 72 and 81 games respectively. Going back to 2006, AP has played in 70+ games during each of the last five seasons, and even hit for perfect attendance (all 82) during the ’07-08 campaign.

There’s something to be said about a guy you know will be in uniform, healthy, and as productive as he can be night-in and night-out, and that more than anything is the reason Chris Grant and company want to keep this guy around.

In addition to that, as well as the idea of AP keeping the SG spot warm until the Cavaliers can draft a new one who’s ready to play, Parker does go way back with newly acquired SF Omri Casspi.  Casspi knew Parker back when he was in Tel-Aviv playing with Maccabi, and I imagine it would be encouraging for Omri to have a familiar face like that on the roster as he gets acquainted with his new team and surroundings in Cleveland.  

Anthony Parker is also a helluva nice guy too, and there really isn’t anybody else hanging around the Cavs roster at the moment that could literally start in the NBA this season.  So the job is Parker’s, assuming the Cavs can lock this down.

Brendan Bowers

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