Skyenga stays stuck at 169th and Byron questions Cavs heart

I received the following update via email from Dave Wooley this morning: 

“Despite putting in 4 points yesterday afternoon, Skyenga is still stuck at 169th place. He is now only 4 points behind 168th place though!”

So expect a big move by Skyenga on Wednesday.  And if you’re like me and were a little let-down that the battle of the Congo (Ibaka v Skyenga) didn’t quite take off the way you’d hoped, keep in mind that Skyenga was listed as probable heading into yesterday’s game.  He had a eye laceration, and I actually talked to him in the locker room before the game and his eye definitely looked bad.  Probably would have kept a lesser man down yesterday is what I’m saying.

He played through it though, and maybe he didn’t play that well, but he definetely would’ve had a better showing against his buddy Serge had he been at full strength.  So hopefully his eye gets better before the Cavaliers tip things off in Sacramento on Wednesday because the Kings are a team he can pour double figures in on for sure.

As for the team overall, B-Scott wasn’t pleased yesterday.  ESPN used the “questioning if these guys have heart line” in their game highlight last night, and if you missed it here is video I took of Byron Scott saying just that. 

The video’s not that awesome initially.  As you can see I worked for position early navigating past the back of a few people’s heads, but you can hear him the whole time and it gets a little smoother at about the 25 second mark.

Oh and she’s right, it really is like the fourth time he’s questioned their heart this season for sure, but I think what he means now is that he is questioning the young players heart for the first time, or something like that.

Byron after Sunday’s loss to the Thunder:

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