Skyenga returns, scores nine and passes Yogi Stewart for 235th place all-time in Cavs scoring ranks

Last night we saw our main man Christian Skyenga return to action after missing three games with a bad ankle.  Skyenga didn’t let us down, putting in 9 points, on 2-2 from three point range, and he grabbed 4 rebounds. 

Alas, this was not enough to stop the Cavaliers 15 game losing streak, nor earn Skyenga his first NBA win.  This performace did move him up to a tie for 235th place in scoring in Cavalier history though.  Here is a list of players passed and tied by Skyenga last night:
Rank Player Years G Pts Avg
235 Christian Eyenga 2010-11 6 45 7.5
Lowes Moore 1981-82 4 45 11.3
237 Michael Stewart 2002-03 to 2004-05 56 44 0.8
238 Gerald Madkins 1993-94 to 1994-95 29 43 1.5
239 Gary Suiter 1970-71 30 42 1.4
Mike Wilks 2005-06 37 42 1.1
241 Len Chappell 1970-71 6 41 6.8
242 Danny Green 2009-10 20 40 2.0
243 Sebastian Telfair 2009-10 4 39 9.8
244 Joe Courtney 1995-96 23 38 1.7
245 Chuckie Williams 1976-77 22 37 1.7
On this list of ten players there are some familiar faces (Danny Green and Sebastian Telfair), some original Cavaliers (Gary Suiter and Len Chappell) and a few players I don’t remember at all (Joe Courtney).  Lets take a more in depth look at some of the others:


Michael “Yogi” Stewart played in 56 games for the Cavaliers over two seasons.  He managed only 44 points in those games for an eye popping 0.8 ppg.  He did manage to commit 56 fouls in the short amount of time he spent on the court though.  He was part of the Ricky Davis/Chris Mihm to Boston deal that got the Cavaliers Tony Battie/Erik Williams/Kedrick Brown.
Mike Wilks was brought to the Cavailers by Danny Ferry, because he was a “Spurs-Type” of guy.  He was supposed to be the back-up point guard, but never really contributed much.  His best contribution was getting traded for Flip Murray, who was a catalyst in the Cavaliers first playoff run in the LeBron James Era.
Lowes Moore was one of an amazing 23 players to suit up for the 1981-82 Cavaliers.  Also amazing is that four different coaches led this team during the season.  Moore was signed in April and was around for the rest of the season.  Apparently his solid 11.3 points per game were not enough for the Cavaliers to keep him around for the next season.  He was released and sgined by the Clippers the following year where he averaged 5.7 points in the final year of his 3 year NBA career.
Stayed tuned for Skyenga’s climb up the mountain.  I took a peak at who is next at 46 points, and you won’t want to miss that!!!
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