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Eyenga Points Tracker Update:

The Cavaliers have been on a slide of epic proportions lately, losing 19 out of their last 20 games.  Quiently though, Christian Eyenga’s rise up the Cavaliers all time scoring list has been almost as epic.  Last night Eyenga tallied 4 points to bring his 3 games career total to 24 points.  This moved him from 256th place up into a tie for 249th place.  Here is a list of the players who were passed last night and who are currently tied with Eyenga:

Rank Player Years G Points Avg
249 Christian Eyenga* 2010-11 3 24 8.0
Robert Smith 1980-81 and 1984-85 8 24 3.0
Lari Ketner 1999-00 16 24 1.5
Scot Pollard 2006-07 24 24 1.0
253 Alonzo Gee* 2010-11 5 23 4.6
Lorenzen Wright 2008-09 17 23 1.4
255 Ennis Whatley 1985-86 8 22 2.8
256 Mo Howard 1976-77 9 21 2.3
Active Player*
The list includes the late Lorenzen Wright as well as the ever popular Scot Pollard.  Additionally, it appears that Eyenga will be battling newly acquired Alonzo Gee for position in the near future.  Also, Eyenga now has passed the first player who appeared in multiple seasons for the Cavaliers.  Robert Smith was so impressive in his 1 game with the Cavaliers in October of 1980 (20 minutes, 2-5 FG, 4-4 FT, 3 reb, 3 ast and 8 points), that when he was available prior to the 1984 season the Cavaliers knew they had to snag him up!  Alas, he would only be around with the Cavaliers until late November of 1984 when the Cavaliers cut him, closing his 8 game Cavalier career at 24 points.
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