Exclusive Video: Skyenga postgame talking about his dunk on Gasol

Christian Eyenga’s dunk on Pau Gasol was ridiculous.  Even more so ridiculous than the fact that the Cavaliers did beat the Lakers on Wednesday, actually.

I caught up with Skyenga after the game and he talked about that dunk on Gasol. 

My favorite part is when he answered Bob Finnan’s question about whether it’s his best dunk ever by saying it is his best dunk this year, but not ever.  I also enjoyed his answer to my question.

Here’s the video of Skyenga postgame:


Oh and he doesn’t care if it’s Kobe either.  Skyenga’s awesome.

Here’s the video of his dunk on Gasol:


Hat Tip: vikesfootball33

And Fred, he said he would prefer it if we called him Skyenga

So go ahead and use the nickname I made up for him moving forward, it works a lot better than that flying high-Eyenga handle you’re trying to push.

Plenty more on the Cavs win over the Lakers tomorrow.

Update: Skyenga Points Tracker Series – The dunk, the win, the legend…Skyenga continues.

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