Skyenga wearing his Skyenga shirt, and how you can get one!

That’s right folks, the long anticipated Skyenga shirts are officially here!


My man Skyenga even has one already, because I gave it to him a few weeks ago…free of charge.  Tony and I over at Fresh Brewed Tees figured he earned it this season.

Since I gave it to him, we’d been waiting for the right opportunity to launch the “Skyenga Series” and with Fan Appreciation night in full effect, tonight just felt like that night.

To get yourself a Skyenga Shirt of your own, go to Fresh Brewed Tees right away by clicking here!

Get them while you can too, they will go quickly!

And if you’re interested in the awkward exchanged between Skyenga and myself that lead to this picture I took of him wearing the new Fresh Brewed Tee, those details are after the jump…

The Exchange… 

To be clear it wasn’t Skyenga’s fault that the exchange was awkward.  It was mine.  It was awkward though, and the review of said exchange is pretty comical as a result. 

So anyways, I rolled into the locker room postgame a few weeks ago with the shirt in my computer bag – thought I’d look too stupid walking in holding a t-shirt.  Then once Skyenga was out of the shower and decent, I rolled over to his locker and busted out the shirt, offering the following…

ME: “Hey, good game bud. Would you be able to put this shirt on and let me take your picture wearing it?”

SKYENGA:  “Sure, no problem.”

ME:  “Great, thanks man.”

I then handed him the shirt.  He unfolded the shirt, and said…

SKYENGA:  “Thanks man, I like this.”

ME:  “Oh yeah, cool man.  Yeah we made it for you.”

SKYENGA:  “Okay, you ready to take the picture.”

ME: “Yeah, ready.”

Skyenga puts on the shirt and looks right at me.  I take the picture.  Then Skyenga takes the shirt off and folds it up.  He begins to hand it to me and then says…

SKYENGA:  “Wait, can I keep this?”

ME:  “Yeah man, for sure.  I brought it for you.”

SKYENGA:  “Oh, thank you.  I’m glad because I like this shirt, and I want to keep it.”

ME:  “No problem buddy, glad you like it.  It’s all yours.”

With that, I rolled out.  Mission accomplished.

Go to Fresh Brewed Tees today buy your Skyenga shirt!  It’s the least you can do for our guy Skyenga!

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