Ryan Hollins ends up playing bad again but Skyenga passed Sam Lacey

The Cavaliers lost an overtime battle with the Nets last night.  The loss dropped the Cavaliers to 13-57.  That is no surprise to anyone at this point.  The new starting Center for our 13 win club is the man “with no Basketball skills of note” Ryan Hollins. 

Hollins did what would be expected of someone with no basketball skills.  He scored 6 points, he airballed two shots in the final 2 minutes of regulation from closer than 2 feet, he grabbed 5 rebounds and he fouled out.  All this was done in a season high 31 minutes.  I am not sure the reason why Hollins has earned these minutes.  The only thing that seems like a logical reason is that he is 7 feet tall. 

Another distinct reason that we are a 13-win team is that when the game is on the line – like last night – we relied on the “shake-n-bake” (and I use that term very lighty in this situation) of Anthony Parker to win us the game.  The first time it worked as Parker buried a fade away jumper with 12 seconds left.  The second time, after Brook Lopez tied the game, Parker airballed a shot at the buzzer.  Parker is a serviceable NBA player but he is not even close to anyone somebody could describe as Mr. Clutch.  

Another sad note from the game was that after a nice 4th quarter against the Magic, Christain Skyenga found himself on the court for only 14 minutes out of the 53 played.  That is not enough time for one of the players on this team with some upside.  Skyenga played well while in, scoring 4 points on 2-4 shooting, to go along with 2 rebounds, an assist and a steal. 

The 4 points did move him up two notches in the Cavalier Scoring Ranks to 166th place:


Rank Player Years G Pts Avg
166 Christian Eyenga 2010-11 34 254 7.5
167 Sam Lacey 1982-83 60 253 4.2
168 Stewart Granger 1983-84 56 251 4.5

Stewart Granger was a native Canadian who played basketball collegiate at Villanova.  He was a first round pick (24th overall) by the Cavaliers in the 1983 NBA draft.  He played 56 games as a rookie for the Cavaliers, starting 13 of them.  His season averages were 4.5 ppg, 1.0 rpg and 2.4 apg.  After the season the Cavaliers traded Granger to the Hawks for Johnny Davis.  Granger ended up playing only 24 games over the next three years and never played in the NBA again after the 1986-87 season.

Sam Lacey was the 5th overall pick of the 1970 NBA draft by the Cincinnati Royals.  He averaged a double-double in each of his first 6 NBA seasons.  In the 1974-75 season, he was named to the All-Star game and finished 3rd in the NBA with 14.2 rebounds per game.  He was a very durable player, missing only 16 games in his first 11 seasons.  Overall he appeared in 1,002 games, which makes him one of the 97 players in NBA history with 1,000 games played.  He finished his career with just under 10,000 rebounds (9,687 to be exact) which places him 36th in NBA history.  The final year of his 13 year career was spent with the Cavaliers in 1982-83.  He played 60 games and averaged only 4.2 points and 3.9 rebounds per game.  The 231 rebounds in 60 games cost him a career double-double average.  He had entered the season with an average of 10.04 rebounds per game and finished his career at 9.67 rebounds per game.  Lacey’s #44 has been retired by the Kings franchise.

The Cavaliers take the court again on Friday against the Pistons.  Stay tuned to see if Joe Haden continues his role as #1 Cavs fans (maybe he will choose to wear the #8 of Skyenga next game) and if Skyenga can continue his rise up the Cavaliers scoring list!

Oh, and go Buckeyes!!!

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