It’s all kinds of ugly right now, so let’s just continue to talk about one topic. Skyenga

Editor’s Note:  I saw the score.  I read the tweet.  I also know that the homeless guy we offered a house and job to is out in Hollywood getting arrested while looking into better offers.  I  would suppose Mr. G is probably typing and retyping a scathing response this afternoon, and I hope he never sends it.  It’s all kinds of ugly for us right now, I realize that.  We need to take a step back, though, and focus on who Christian “Skyenga” Eyenga has now scored more points then to date.  It’s a good distraction. 

I thank the master of useless stats and information for my opportunity to do so.  Sykenga continues

There is not much to say about last night’s game, so I won’t say anything.  Our #1 man Christain Eyenga was able to man up and play even with his injured ankle.  Due to the blow out Skyenfga only got 7 minutes of court time.  In those 7 minutes he did produce 4 points on 2-3 shooting.  Those 4 points moved Skyenga to a career total of 36 points in 5 games.  That places him in 244th place (note Alonzo Gee passed him last night).  Here are the players passed by Skyenga last night:

Christian Eyenga*
Stephen Graham
Bill Robinzine
Scott Williams
Here is a rundown of the three players passed last night:
Stephen Graham is the twin brother of current Cavalier Joey Graham.  He is currently on the New Jersey Nets putting up 4 points and 2 rebounds per game.  He signed on with the Cavaiers in February of 2006, then remained with the team for the rest of the season before being released in the offseason.
Bill Robinzine is a very interesting player.  He was acquired by the Cavaliers from the Kings in a three team trade in which Campy Russell was sent to the Knicks.  He was then traded 8 games into the 1980-81 season (along with 1st Round Draft Picks in 1983 and 1986) to the Mavericks for Richard Washington and Jerome Whitehead.  Whitehead was cut after 3 games.  So the summary of these trades are that the Cavaliers sent fan favorite Campy Russell and two 1st Round Draft Picks away and got Richard Washington in return.  Not a very productive trade for the Cavaliers, and a great example of the Ted Stepien Era trades.  Robinzine, while he was with the Cavailers, only scored 33 points in 8 games.  After the trade to Dallas, he played 70 games and he was able to average 14 points and 7 rebounds per game.
Scott Williams was a veteran big man brought in for his leadership and championship pedigree (he won 3 championships with Jordan’s Bulls).  Like Zendon Hamilton, Willaims was nothing more than a cheerleader for the Cavaliers.  He retired after the season and moved to the TV booth with Michael Reghi.
Stay tuned for more of Skyenga’s rise through the Cavalier ranks!
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