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I had a chance to speak with JJ Hickson this past Thursday, and I posted our conversation over at SLAM Online earlier today.  It was the first time JJ commented publicly since being traded on June 30th to Sacramento in exchange for Omri Casspi. We talked about that trade, his time in Cleveland over the last three years as a member of the Cavaliers, and his moving forward now as a member of the Sacramento Kings. 

The interview can be found by clicking here, and an brief excerpt from our Q and A is below: 

SLAM: Do you feel in some ways like you had unfinished business in Cleveland that the trade prevented you from being able to accomplish?

JH: Of course I would have loved to have come back and tried to redeem the organization, but things happen for a reason and I’m happy to be a King now. I wish that organization the best of luck, but I’m King now, and I’m just looking forward to being out in Sacramento, meeting my new teammates, and getting off to a good start – whenever it is the season starts back up.

SLAM: As far as your age goes, I think people forget that there were players just drafted in the first round this past June who played with you in your McDonald’s All American game. Do you think the Cavaliers rushed to judgment by trading you in some ways?

JH:I’ll be honest with you, I think they rushed to judgment a little bit. But, they got what they got and the Kings got a great player in JJ Hickson. So when the season starts, we’ll see how it pans out from there.

SLAM: What would your message be to Cavs fans, and fans of yours in Cleveland, that you wanted to say to them before you enter the next chapter of your career?

JH: I loved the fans in the Cleveland to the bottom of my heart. Even though we had the season we had last year, they still came out and showed their support. In a lot of the games that we won, I think they got those couple of games that we won for us because they were our sixth man. It was bittersweet for me because I loved those fans, and like I said, best of luck to that organization. But I’m a King now, and I gotta look forward.

For Full Post:  JJ Hickson Q & A – The Big Man Speaks on the Trade, His Time in Cleveland, and Joining the Kings

Shouts out to JJ for taking the time to hook up with me on this, and I appreciated the honesty and candor he answered my questions with too.  I’m going to miss having the guy on the Cavaliers, can’t lie about that, but as I’ve said before I think this trade has the potential to be a win-win for both teams involved.  JJ’s going to do big things out in Sacramento, I really believe that, but that doesn’t mean Omri Casspi can’t do big things here too.  I’m rooting for both guys to be All Stars one day, and I think that’s also possible.  So hopefully the lockout ends in time for us to start finding out about that sooner than later.   

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