On the Monta Ellis trade rumors, Irving, Kanter, and Lighty

I still think the 4th overall pick owned by the Cleveland Cavaliers will be dealt in exchange for a player.  I also have a feeling, that in some way, Cleveland will look to involve themselves as a third team in this Monta Ellis to a contender deal being reported today out in Golden State. 

I don’t know how or who exactly, but I do think a deal could involve the Cavs 4th pick and maybe a guy who’s last name rhymes with Murry.  Word is Mark Jackson doesn’t want two offensive minded guards on his team, the perils of hand-down-man-down obviously, and there is one other offensive minded guard he may be looking to move as well.  A young, promising one, with a ton of upside. 

Pure speculation on my part as far as the Cavs involvement goes, but I do think it’s fair to assume Chris Grant’s marching orders are to explore everything.  With this being something, maybe developments of substance eventually emerge as far as the Cavs are concerned.  I imagine it would take a lot to move both of those two guards out of the Bay area, so we’ll see I suppose.      

Anyways, assuming the Cavs don’t end up going Bob Barker with that 4th pick, what are the odds they end up with Kyrie Irving, Enes Kanter, and David Lighty as three of their four picks?  Pretty good maybe?

I’m hearing Lighty is working out for the Cavs here in his hometown Cleveland, and if they got him at 54 I’d be thrilled.  Wouldn’t even really be too upset if they spent number 32 on him, even though that would be too high according to the masters of the mock draft.  More on Lighty below; first the latest from Chad Ford regarding Kyrie, the Cavs, and number one overall.

From ESPN.com on Thursday:

“Derrick Williams’ camp is doing its best to cast doubt on the Cavs’ coronation of Irving as the No. 1 pick. But with two weeks to go, all signs still point to Cleveland selecting Irving first. Williams is still in the picture here in part because the Cavs feel they could get a very good point guard (either Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker) at No. 4. But sources say it’s Irving’s to lose.”

First part is pretty obvious.  My sources, as well as the sources of 936,461 other Cavs fans, can also report that the first spot is Irving’s to lose as well.  The second part I thought was interesting though, because I think it is an absolute and total smokescreen being fed to Chad by the Cavs organization. 

I see you working Chris Grant, trying to create mystery where there isn’t any.  No way you’re considering penalizing yourself by passing on the best overall player because the fourth best player happens to play the same position.  I’m not buying that for a second. I like your moves though, very sneaky.

If Kanter falls to four, assuming Williams is off the board and the Cavs stay there, I’ll take him.  I think the Cavs would too.  Will he fall that far? Up to Utah and whether they want to take a PG to replace Deron Williams I guess.  As a quick note, I may have some Jazz and Twolves bloggers here in the next couple weeks to talk about what they think will happen at two and three.  Whoever doesn’t take Williams should take Kanter, but who knows.  The more I hear people suggest Utah goes PG at 3 I think maybe it’s possible.  If it is, I’d view that as a steal, and it sounds like the Cavs would too after Kanter’s Cleveland work-out on Tuesday.

From Bob Finnan:

“The Cavaliers might have hosted their No. 4 overall draft pick on Tuesday. Turkish center Enes Kanter worked out for the Cavs on Tuesday at Cleveland Clinic Courts. His agent, Max Ergul, said he wasn’t allowed to watch the proceedings.

“Judging by the huge grin on his face, Coach Byron Scott seemed very satisfied,” Ergul said. “We exchanged some complimentary words.”

Also on hand for the workout were Texas power forward Tristan Thompson (6-8 3/4, 228) and Kansas small forward Marcus Morris (6-8 3/4, 230). It was the second time Morris has worked out for the Cavs, which sparked rumors that they’re trying to acquire another first-round pick. The 6-11 1/4, 259-pound Kanter’s workout and interview lasted at least 3 1/2 hours.

Kanter, 19, was ruled ineligible by the NCAA at the University of Kentucky this year. He’s ranked as the top center prospect in the draft.”

I think that four selections is plenty of draft picks.  I hope the Cavs aren’t trying to get more, especially if they can walk out with the best PG and best Center in the draft.  Which maybe they can.

If he’s on the board at 54 the Cavs have to take a flier on David Lighty.  And not just because he’s a Buckeye, or from St. Joes, or whatever, but because he is the type of player who fits into a good team.  He is already a quality role player, who won’t have to make the transition from star to role player, and that will help.  He’s athletic, can defend, and has some offensive ability as well.  He’d look good in the hometown gear, better than Jawad did. 

Hoopsworld has Lighty as a top-5 defender overall in this year’s draft as well, offering the following:

“David Lighty, a fifth-year senior out of Ohio State, has made his mark on the collegiate game by becoming the ultimate role player for the Buckeyes while playing alongside seven (if you include Jared Sullinger) first-round draft picks.  The experience and savvy Lighty possesses will go a long way toward making him capable of immediately contributing at the NBA level.  The 6-6 swingman is capable of guarding at least two positions (shooting guard and small forward) at the NBA level, and possibly more depending on match-ups.  Not exceptionally quick laterally, Lighty does a tremendous job of staying in front of his opponent with his high basketball I.Q., understanding of angles and consistent energy and effort on the defensive end of the floor.” 

You can never have too many role playing, athletic, 6’6″ defenders on your team. That’s what I always say.  More later.

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