Stepien Rules to Stream Live on CSF Radio

Stepien Rules is proud to announce that we will be streaming live on Cleveland’s newest Internet Radio Station, CSF Radio, starting as soon as next week. 

After meeting with the guys from CSF last night over at their Lakewood, Ohio studio, I left both honored by the invite and extremely excited to get started. CSF’s goal is to provide interactive radio programming focused on Cleveland sports and Cleveland fans, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to be involved in what they’re doing.  

As far as my involvement goes, I will be doing two bi-weekly shows starting on Tuesday August 9th. I will be partnering with Sam Drew (@DearDanGilbert) from as well as everybody’s favorite Cavs fan, Cleveland Jackson aka @WayneEmbrysKids, for the Tuesday show that we’re calling “Fast Break”.  It will most likely be an awesome show.  

I will also be doing a solo podcast every other Wednesday starting on the 17th of this month.  I hired a creative marketing solutions specialist to help me with my name for that show and she told me that Stepien Rules Radio had a good ring to it, so that is what I am calling my bi-weekly podcast also streamed lived on CSF.
As soon as the NBA unlocks the doors barring the Cavaliers facility closed, the plan is to then move to a weekly format with both “Fast Break” as well as “Stepien Rules Radio”, and I’ll keep you posted on that as more details develop.  There’s always the possibility too that Dan over at CSF switches the locks on me after a couple shows for the betterment of the station, so I’m going to just give it my best effort in hopes that he doesn’t feel like he has to do that and see what happens from there.    

You will be able to listen to every show live at CSF, and then as soon as it is over each podcast will be recorded and posted here at Stepien Rules as well in case you happened to miss any of it.  CSF’s forum page will also have every show that is ever streamed over their airwaves saved on their archives page too, and I suggest you check that out because it’s a pretty cool feature on their site. 

So until Tuesday, hit me up on twitter or whatever if you have any questions about any of it.  Big thanks to the guys over at CSF for not only launching this venture, but inviting me on board with it too.  I appreciate the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to it.  

Brendan Bowers

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