StillWFNY: Five things this Cavaliers season has taught me

I wrote my first article of sorts for Still WFNY yesterday, and I have a link to it three separate places within the confines of this very blog post if you’re interested in checking it out. 
Brendan Bowers, WFNY
Above is also a graphic link to the main page over at, which populates three times a week with blogs written by the Waiting For Next Year squad.  As always, I appreciated Rick, Scott and everybody else allowing me the opportunity.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote yesterday, followed by the third and final link of shameless self promotion.

This is number number one of five things this Cavaliers season has taught me…

Gene Hackman will never coach in the NBA.


For some reason I thought Byron Scott was going to come in here this season and lead these Cavaliers on a Hickory type march to the post season just like Norman Dale did back in the day. I also thought this type of on-court response to the Decision made this summer would send some type of message about how tough and resilient Cleveland is, as symbolized by the character and will of it’s over achieving professional basketball franchise.

So yeah, I watched Hoosiers a few too many times. I now fully understand that NBA games are simply won by the teams with the better players. Until the Cavs get some of those, I don’t expect them to win. In the words of Rick Pitino, Jimmy Chitwood isn’t walking through that door. Neither is Ollie.

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