Talking Trades

Pretty interesting day yesterday huh? We had the nearly deals like OJ Mayo going to Indiana, Rip Hamilton deciding he preferred the bench rather than being bought out and going to the Celtics and the near Jamison/Murphy swap between our Cavs and Golden State, I think by my count a total of 496 players were traded, with Denver and New York having parts to play in 397 of them. Here’s a run down of all the trades, and my take on them.

Houston swap Shane Battier for Hasheem Thabeet. Memphis gets an A+ for this, they now have two supremely talented on-ball defenders in Battier and Tony Allen, plus they turned a really bad draft pick into a serviceable guy in a year where the playoffs are a very attainable target. Houston is hoping Thabeet turns into Mutombo, but I just don’t see it. I know they needed size, but that’s all he actually brings to the table in my opinion.

Phoenix receives Aaron Brooks, Houston receive Goran Dragic. This trade is probably the fairest deal you’ll find that went down in the window, both guys will bring things to the table their respective teams love and need. Dragic could be a star you know; while Brooks will learn how to slow down his tempo playing with Nash and learn to facilitate in a way no coach could have ever thought him. I love this deal.

Marquis Daniels to the Kings for a second round pick in 2079. Cool.

Gerald Wallace land in Portland for Joel Przybilla, Dante Cunningham a few picks and some cash. I like this for both teams, partly because Portland managed to get a starter without surrendering any core guys, and Charlotte rid themselves of Wallace’s deal (around $21m over the next two years) while adding some frontcourt depth. Win-win? Only time will tell, but Portland has a lot more options on its wings right now. Try escaping the defensive clutch of Wallace and Batum.

In the shock deal of the day – there’s always at least one every year right? – the Celtics lost their enforcer in the middle for a swingman/forward/just-a-little-too-skinny Jeff Green. Nenad Krstic will contribute some minutes there no doubt with the two O’Neal’s being out, and Green is now with the team that drafted him out of Georgetown. But if I’m Miami, Orlando, Chicago or even New York, I’m happy about this.

Perkins was an animal; he played Dwight better than almost anybody. Chris Bosh is petrified of him. This is a big loss for Boston, trust me. Also, how happy are the Celtics players about this deal? I’m sure KG, Pierce and Allen are pretty annoyed they just lost someone they held in pretty high regards, on and off the court. Oklahoma did themselves proud here, shoring up the middle for the playoffs and getting a high energy, instant offense guy in Nate Robinson. That franchise juts makes smart move after smart move, Presti is a God in Oklahoma right about now.

Just one little thing here, how positive are we that Oklahoma would have extended Green? I mean, is he actually that important for them? They’ll have to re-up Westbrook soon, so was Green a priority? What do I know though, ignore that.

Deron Williams to the Nets for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors, plus two 2011 first rounders. Considering Williams will leave in 2012 anyways, Utah did well here. Actually, very well indeed. I feel lousy for how Williams found out about the move, but that reflects the Jazz and not him. He just needs to acclimate himself to Avery Johnson and his new teammates.

As for Utah, a really nice pick up. They could have a very productive draft day also with the two picks from the Nets they got in this deal, so I think its safe to assume we’ll see a very different Jazz team these upcoming months.

Who’d a thought Carl Landry would cause so much controversy??

I dunno if I can add anything to the Melo deal what hasn’t already been said, so I’ll move on.

Kirk Hinrich for Mike Bibby in a deal that sees Atlanta get a whole lot better in my opinion. Hinrich is a better shooter and defender, two things Atlanta need really if we’re being honest. For Washington, em…Bibby has no real future there, I think we all know that.

Cavs Moves

We’ll start off with the smaller of the two moves, us receiving Semih Erden and Luke Harangody for a second round pick. Steal of the day. Erden is definitely an above average center who’s improving rapidly, and will continue to do so with increased minutes. As Kirk said yesterday – Erden is his new favourite player if it means Hollins sees fewer minutes. Amen to that. Harangody will play some too, I’m positive of that. He brings toughness, can shoot and rebound too. This move could be very beneficial to our Cavs down the road.

And now, the move that shocked us all. Mo Williams and Jamario Moon for Baron Davis and a (near lock to be lottery) pick this year. Two things here; if we get the Baron Davis who’s been playing the last two months this deal is great, if we get the other Davis than this deal is all down to that pick, and that pick only. I worry about the Byron Scott/Davis relationship; even though Scott has said they’re cool I just don’t know. If Davis comes in from day one and embraces his role as the leader, it could be fun to watch and a building block for next season. But will that happen? He must be pretty annoyed about swapping Blake Griffin and LA for Ryan Hollins and Cleveland, but that’s sports – he needs to deal with it and get on with things. When he’s good, Baron Davis is very damn good. When he’s bad, oh boy…

To Jamario Moon, it’s not your fault you’re six years older than we needed you to be. You’re a good guy, just wrong place wrong time.

To Mo Williams, I’ll miss you. I knew you’d never be a franchise player, but I knew you’d bring it every night. Things went sour but it wasn’t your fault. You were a mere pawn to a king, like us all. You’ll do well in LA, you’ve a young team around you and they’ll need you to guide them through the maturation process. I wish you health, success and happiness Mo; you’re a cool guy. It’s just a pity we never got to where we thought we’d get together.

Now, that pick. I’ve played ESPN’s draft machine seven times, the results are as follows for our two picks; 1st and 8th  three times, 2nd and 8th, 4th and 8th and 4th and 9th. Now, let’s work with the assumption we land in first place with our own pick, hello Kyrie Irving! Our second pick, wherever it may land, I’m confused about. Do we draft for need, or take the best guy available? Our two areas to target are the backcourt and small forward, but unless we strike absolute gold we won’t be able to get the best players at both positions. Irving is the priority for me; he’s a guy who has a very high ceiling as a floor general in the NBA. He’s better at running a team than John Wall was at this stage of his college career, but he’s nowhere near the athlete Wall is and never will be.

He’s a good shooter, and will get better. It just makes sense with Irving for me. With regards to the small forward spot, Terrence Jones is the cream of the crop but he won’t be there when we pick second. Derrick Williams is gathering a lot of buzz. Jordan Hamilton is a flat out scorer; Harrison Barnes (though struggling at UNC and might even stay a second season) will be a very good player.

Other guys who’ll be available and worth a look with our second first rounder will be John Henson, Kawhi Leonard, Tobias Harris, Travis Leslie or one of the European prospects like the monster Donatas Motiejunas, the blossoming Jan Vesely or the guy Kentucky are still very angry about Enes Kanter. The options are endless, the possibilities are mind-boggling. It’s an exciting time for us for sure, and one if handled correctly will set us up for the future.

And Finally…

It is with a very heavy heart I write this, but this will be my last blog for Stepien Rules. My reasons for stopping are all to do with me, it’s got nothing to do with Brendan or the other guys who are great and have been very good to me in my time here. But its’ hard, its hard to keep up to date with something you’re five hours apart from. For instance, if a Cavs game starts at 8pm local time, and ends around 10:30pm, that gives all bloggers and journalists enough time to get something up about that game and get word around that very night. By midnight that night, the match report or post game analysis on WFNY or the Plain Dealer might have accumulated tens of thousands of hits.

10:30 in Ohio is 3:30am in Ireland – by the time I wake up and even get near my laptop all things that could have been said nearly always have been said. I’m only repeating stuff you guys have already read, and pushing you away from Stepien Rules in the meantime, which is the last thing in the world I want.

Stepien Rules is only starting folks, it’s gonna be huge. It already has guys robbing their nicknames for our Cavs, and it will only get bigger. To anyone who’s ever read my blog, commented on it or sent it to a friend, thanks. It’s just the wrong time (literally) and circumstances. Stepien Rules is growing, and growing fast, so remember you heard it here first when you see Brendan working for the Cavs media crew someday….

And always remember – GO CAVS!