On Team Cleveland And Their Charity Game Against LeBron

The Chris Chambers City League Classic took place in Warrensville this past week, and our guy Christian Eyenga made a special appearance.  Skyenga played for Team Cleveland, who unfortunately got beat by Akron due to the fact that LeBron James stopped by unannounced.  In doing so, LeBron helped Dru Joyce III, Romeo Travis, and the rest of the Akron squad get the better of Team Cleveland in the match-up.  Some highlights of LeBron’s heroics are in the video below.  If Skyenga had a marketing firm, I’d have played his video too, but he doesn’t have one yet. 


The rest of Team Cleveland featured former Chanel and Warrensville High star Brian Swift, who went on to play at South Florida, as well as a list of other local area stars that included JK Brooks, Aaron Nixon, Marcus Johnson, Justin Dobbins, Joe Roberts and a few other guys in addition to the aforementioned Skyenga.

Brian Swift, it’s worth mentioning, teamed up with Bam Childress as a Freshman and Sophomore at Chanel to beat the Lake Catholic teams I played on four times during those two years prior to him transferring to Warrensville.  I’m not positive, but if I remember correctly I think he also won four state championships by the time he left for college.  I suppose I should look that up to be sure, but I think I’m right, and know it was at least three.  

Anyways, Swift sent me the following DM when I asked him about the game:

“The game was a lot of fun and very competitive! The crowd LOVED it! I just wish the Cleveland side could have won the game! Lol”

Me too Bri, but it was definetely not your fault, or Skyenga’s.  I appreciate the heads up on it, and Cleveland appreciates the effort too from all you guys.  You can check Brian Swift out on Twitter by clicking right here.

PS – I have an interview with a recently traded Cavs player hitting the internets tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

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