The Canton D-Leaguers have a logo and team name now

I’m not sure I like the name too much, but the logo is pretty cool.  Seems like maybe Sir CC was just practicing last season alongside Moondog getting ready to run the show by himself down in Canton.  He kinda looks like this guy wielding the sword a little bit:

Canton Charge.jpg
As far as the name Charge, I don’t really like it but I can’t think of anything better to be honest with you.  I don’t want to write anything more about this either because I am already hating the Lockout more and more, along with myself a little bit, the further I go talking about a D-League team name and offering my logo analysis, so I’m shutting this down right here.

Alex Jensen is the coach, he played for Rick Majerus at Utah. Former Canton McKinley Bulldog Keith McLeod has signed with the Charge too by the way. Tryouts are this weekend, and games start on November 25th at 7:30.  If you played a second in the NBA last season you can’t play in the D-League until the Lockout is over.  

That’s all I got, will be back Monday. Have a good weekend.

Brendan Bowers

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