The Cavs Had a Preseason Game Scheduled For Tonight

NBA Commissioner David Stern talks with reporters, Monday, Oct. 10, 2011, in New York. Stern canceled the first two weeks of the season after players and owners were unable to reach a new labor deal to end the lockout. Opening night was scheduled for Nov. 1. Photo: David Karp / APWhen reports of yesterday’s NBA labor meetings in New York went from a duration of three hours to four, from four hours then to having steak dinners delivered, and onto seven hours of face-to-face let’s work something out time from there, I really thought for the first time during this Lockout that the NBA season was about to be saved in its entirety.

I couldn’t see how it was possible to negotiate for almost an entire work day and get specifically nothing accomplished. Only it is though I guess, and that point was made explicitly clear when David Stern emerged all smug sounding from that hotel lobby proclaiming that, “we are very, very far apart on all issues”.

No progress, no 82-game season, and no end in sight really.  If I had to guess, I’d say now that a 60-game season is the max number that we could hope for, with something down near 50-games being more likely.  I really don’t see how the whole season could be lost, but I suppose anything is in play these days.

If not for the Lockout, the Cavaliers would’ve kicked off their Preseason Schedule tonight.  They had the Milwaukee Bucks lined up for a home date at the Q, and that would’ve been followed by a Preseason tilt with the Magic down in Orlando this Thursday.  The Cavs were to then come back home for a game this Saturday against Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets, but obviously that and each of the other five preseason games slated for October have been gone for a while.

Last night David Stern also canceled the first two weeks of the Cavs Regular Season too, which included the following six games: 

Nov 2nd @ Boston
Nov 4th  Toronto – Home 
Nov 6th @ LA
Nov 7th @ Denver
Nov 9th @ Sacramento
Nov 12 Boston – Home

The glass half-full side of this coin could include facts like there were only two home games canceled for the Cavs last night.  You can also argue that a West Coast trip to start the season isn’t the best way to ease into things, so that’s out too now. It really would’ve been cool to see Kyrie Irving jump right into the NBA frying pan for a couple early match-ups against Rondo and the Celtics though, and that’s something we won’t see in less than three weeks after-all.  The home date against Toronto to start the season, which is also out now, was most definitely a winnable possibility for the Cavs too. As was that game against a Nuggets team who would have had all their guys from last year playing in China (Kenyon Martin, Wilson Chandler, JR Smith) when the Cavs came to visit.

On November 9th you would’ve also had Omri Casspi’s return to Sacramento, to match-up against JJ Hickson and the Kings, which might have been a game that got Omri going early too but I guess we’ll never know.  Assuming there are no more games canceled, which would be a bold assumption at this point, the Cavaliers are now scheduled to open their season on November 16th at home against the Charlotte Bobcats.  Then, two days later on the 18th, LeBron James and the Miami Heat return to Cleveland.  We probably won’t see either of those games though, but we’ll keep you posted.

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