Toronto Sun Rips Tristan Thompson For Decision To Not Play On Team Canada

Tristan Thompson is from Canada, and he doesn’t appear to be interested in representing his country in international competition anytime soon. The reasons given for the fact that Tristan is not showing up for Team Canada’s training camp this summer include the fact that he is tired from pre-draft work-outs, and that he is taking classes at UT.  Both reasons seem logical enough to me, but I’m not a Canadian.  If I was, maybe I’d be offended or something and hit him with a Jamal Magloire blast – assuming that’s a bad enough thing to call somebody.  Anyways, Steve Simmons from the Toronto Sun does appear to be offended, and wrote the following about the Cavaliers fourth pick overall this past Saturday.

Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun:  

“We hope this isn’t how it’s going to be with Tristan Thompson. We hope he has more sense than this, more feeling of country and his own development as player and person. When the men’s national team began training camp this week for Olympic qualifying in basketball, the Canadian forward, selected fourth in the NBA draft was nowhere to be found. And there was no indication he planned on showing up for camp or to play for Team Canada, this summer or next.  According to his agent, Thompson will not attend the Canadian camp because he is tired from pre-draft workouts and is taking some classes at University of Texas. That’s nice and all, but this is a wonderful opportunity for Thompson to expand his game and grow on the court and off. We trust he’s not just another Jamal Magloire, one of the best Canadian players ever, who has made no contribution to Canadian basketball internationally.”

Maybe it’s selfish of me as a non-Canadian Cavs fan, but I have no desire to see Tristan Thompson, or Andy Varejao, or any other Cavaliers player go out and tear their ACL or suffer some other kind of injury like that in a game against Belarus at 4:45 am ET during the NBA’s offseason.  I want those guys healthy and ready to go when it comes time to roll out in that Wine and Gold jersey on opening night, and I wouldn’t trade that for any type of medal that Tristan could help Team Canada win. Maybe the Cavaliers feel the same way, and maybe if they were allowed to interact with their players at the moment that quote attributed to Thompson’s agent (Rich Paul) might have said something more directly to that point.  I’m just speculating on that by the way, but I do think it’s possible that Chris Grant would want to proceed with extreme caution in regards to the draft pick that will soon define him as a GM.  Maybe that sentiment went on to be interpreted as Tristan being tired from pre-draft workouts and is taking some classes at UT, who knows?  But whatever the case, he’s not playing Canada, and maybe he is tired.  Give the kid a break.

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