Cavs Trade Talk, Boobie responds to LeBron, and why I think Brown will win big in LA

Yesterday Chris Broussard reported that the Cavaliers were in discussions for a three-team trade that would land them the 2nd overall pick of the draft to go along with the number one pick they already owned.  

Rip Hamilton’s contract would be sent to Cleveland, which the Cavs would buy-out, along with Detroit’s 8th pick overall.  In exchange, the Cavaliers would use their Trade Exception on Hamilton.  They’d then send their fourth pick, as well as this newly acquired 8th pick, to Minnesota for the T-Wolves 2nd one. 

I didn’t get too excited about it at the time, because there’s no way that deal’s going happen.  David Aldridge agrees with me.

It would be nice to pick 1, 2 if your the Cavaliers, and it would also be nice to use the trade exception before it expires as well.  The Trade Exception technically expires on July 9th, however if the owners do end up locking out the players that would occurr on July 1st, and the TE’s use would be locked out with it forever.  If the TE is going to be used, I continue to think that will happen on Draft Night.

So what does all this trade talk mean at this point for the Cavaliers? To me it’s exactly what I thought the night Nick won the lottery.  The Cavaliers are good with Irving at 1, as they should be.  Beyond that, they are exploring every – and I mean each and every single – trade opportunity out there with respect to both the TE as well as that 4th pick overall.  I continue to think they will not pick 4th on Draft Night.  All the smoke that appears to be coming off the keyboard of Chris Grant’s blackberry seems to support this too.  Cavs don’t look too content at that position.  

I also don’t think there will be that blockbuster type deal until Draft night either.  Maybe I’m hoping here, but I still think there will be a team that we don’t think would ever trade said player, that will find themselves backed into a corner on draft night, sweating bullets about the new impending bargaining agreement, and end up making a trade with the Cavaliers that nobody saw coming.  Not even Chris Broussard who went on ESPN to “break the news” that LeBron was going to Miami about two weeks after Stephen A. Smith already “broke” that news.

As far as a couple veteran players being talked about in return for pick number four?  Bob Finnan had this to say this morning:

“If the Cavs are able to get a player such as Rudy Gay for the No. 4 draft pick, they have to do it. However, don’t expect them to offer it for a player such as Grizzlies shooting guard O.J. Mayo. Mayo was almost dealt to the Pacers for power forward Josh McRoberts anda protected first-round pick in 2011. Ideally, if the Cavs deal that fourth pick, they can get back a starter at small forward or shooting guard who has a few years left on his deal.”

That being specifically the type of guy I’d like the Cavaliers to use either or both of the 4th pick and the TE on.  A SF or SG who has a few years left on his deal.  I’d be okay with Rudy Gay after further review too.  I know the contract is huge, but who cares.  Maybe Memphis eats a portion of that as an admittance that they should never had signed him to a Joe Johnson-esque deal?  I’m not sure I’d so quickly dismiss the young back-court of Irving and Mayo either.  OJ has his issues, I’ll give you that, he can be a shot-a-holic and a bone-head foul machine to be sure.  But if he ever figures “it” out?  I continue to be intrigued, kid’s still young.  If there was a remote possibility for a SG or SF top-5 or even top-10 worthy in this draft I’d do that at Four.  But there really isn’t though, which has Chris Grant working overtime. 

Here’s another one talked about over the last week, Brandon Jennings.  From the Bucks Blog Brew Hoop

“Less than a week after the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported the Bucks were”open to listening to offers” for Brandon Jennings, John Hammond made an appearance on WSSP’s Doug & Mike Show on Thursday sounding less than pleased with the amount of attention it’s received, noting that “there have been no discussions” with other teams.

As expected, Hammond said all the expected things about the Bucks wanting to build around Brandon, though it’s not as though he has any incentive to say otherwise. Last time I checked you don’t get better offers for a guy by saying you want to move him, and it’s not as though there’s any pressing need to deal Jennings.

Still, it’d be silly for the Bucks not to listen to offers for any of their players, and if the Bucks have any hope of moving up in the draft or adding another big piece via trade they will most certainly have to consider parting with assets like Jennings.” 

I referenced this yesterday over at Crossover Chronicles, but if you missed the latest edition of Glenn Moore’s weekly podcast with Daniel Gibson, Boobie offered some candid comments for LeBron.  In response to LeBron saying, after the Heat eliminated the Bulls this week, that his decision was motivated by finding teammates “who wouldn’t die down in the moment”, Gibson offered the following:

“The way it’s said, you can’t help but take it personal.  I would prefer to talk to him personally and say, ”Exactly what did you mean when you said this comment? What point were you trying to make?

I take comments like that and when you speak out and you feel the need for everybody to hear what you are saying, it’s kind of like admission. By you saying that, I don’t think great players should feel the need to say this about a team or say that about a team.

I think what it all boils down to if you’re great, you go play great, be great and everybody will realize you’re great. And you wouldn’t have to let it be known that everybody else was less great. Great players shouldn’t have to do that.

So I feel like it’s [LeBron’s comments] kind of an admission. He might have needed some help. He might have needed to go somewhere andfind someone who is a little greater so maybe he wouldn’t die down in those moments.”

Which is both fair, and also in line with what I’ve always argued about LeBron’s decision.  I agree in that he really might have “needed to go somewhere and find someone who is a littler greater so maybe he wouldn’t die down in those moments.” 

Like Game Five against the Celtics, to name a moment specifically.

Also this week at Crossover Chronicles, I offered my thoughts on why I think Mike Brown will win a ring for the Lakers as the head man now out in LA.  The link to that post, which went up Friday, is here if you missed it

An excerpt of “Mike Brown will win a ring for the Lakers” is below:

“Yes, I am completely serious.  I watched twitter collectively erupt with hysterical laughter when the news was announced this week that Mike Brown will replace Phil Jackson as the next head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, andI really don’t understand what’s so funny about that. 

What will be funny, in a twisted way for me as a Cleveland sports fan, is watching the third coach we’ve fired over the last couple decades go on to win a championship in that same capacity for another team.  Bill Belichick did it for the Patriots a few times, Charlie Manuel’s done so with the Phills, and I expect Mike Brown to do the same thing for the Lakers.  He’s not only a good coach, he was the best free agent coach available.  And this move will pay off for LA when it matters most, whether he won the press conference or not.

Now I do know that not everybody was laughing specifically at the fact that Mike Brown was the guy the Lakers picked.  Most people were, but I do understand that some of the reaction was rooted in shock.  Some.  Which is totally fair, I was shocked too.  No way I thought the Lakers would hire Brown, but that’s not because I didn’t think he was the best coach out there.  It simply appeared to me, and most everybody else, that Brian Shaw had tested out of his head coach training program by some measure just as his mentor Phillip was riding off on a motorbike to smoke peyote in the desert for the duration of his zenful existence.”  [Click Here to Read Full Post].

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