Tristan Thompson Featured On Longhorn Network

The Texas Longhorns Network featured Cavaliers’ Rookie Tristan Thompson week, and video from that segment is below.  It starts off with NBA Draft night, and then heads back to Austin, Texas where Thompson is currently enrolled in classes and working out.

Below are a couple of those quotes from Tristan Thompson on Draft Night:

“The thing about the Draft is you know who is going to get picked about five seconds right before, because they put the camera up close to you.  It was between me and the big guy from Lithuania, so I knew one of us was going to get called.”

“To be honest, I was smiling for 48 hours straight until the end of my press conference in Cleveland, then after that it started to sink in that there might be a Lockout.  Then I was kinda disappointed, and I started to pray, please, let this Lockout end early because I’m ready to play. 

And Tristan On dealing with Lockout:

“It’s really tough because you’re agent’s hearing one thing one day on ESPN, or through the media, or through their own sources that terms are going good in that there’s progress, and then the next thing you hear is that they’re 43 basketball courts away for a deal.”

Oh and Kevin Durant’s Benz is a nice selection as well, T.  I definitely need to get myself a Batmobile too one of these days. 

YouTube: Texas Longhorn Network 

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