Weekend Dribbles

They say you learn something new everyday. For instance, a few days ago I learned (via Twitter – everybody’s new source of info) that the one and only Kareem Abdul Jabbar is now cancer free. Saturday, I learned that my favourite soccer team (Man Utd) lack the necessary heart to realise the potential within and be a dominant team. Yesterday (with the crazy time difference between America and Ireland I never stay awake for games really), I learned that my Cavaliers are now, historically speaking, the biggest streak losers in NBA history. This time around 7 months ago, I was convinced that we’d be making history in another way, by claiming our first NBA Championship after LeBron signed his extension and we came back hungrier than ever. That didn’t happen, and now we stand at 24 in a row. TWENTY FOUR IN A ROW. It should, in all seriousness be 1. We gift wrapped that Memphis game to them. In the words of Rihanna “I might be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it”. That should be our new team motto, we rock at being bad. Starting the fourth quarter on a 13-0 run is the ideal start – if it’s your team that owns the 13, not the 0. That killed us the other night, sucked the life out of our guys. Then we go and lose yet another home game (remember when the Q was an advantage?) and embroider ourselves into the history books. But see, I for one think that this season, and the way it has played out, can only be good. (well not good right now, I’m talking down the road good – don’t you even think of clicking that “x” in the top right hand corner, hear me out)

Nabbing the 8th seed would have been pointless – we’d have been bounced out 4-0 in the first round, even finishing 10th in the East would have been pointless. You know for me what the three main goals for the remainder of the season are? Trade Mo and Antawn Jamison (Mo because of his contract, Jamison because he deserves to contend), play the young guns 30 minutes a night and see if they have what we need to build around and last but not least obtain the 1st overall pick this summer. Sure, it would be nice to in more than 12 games so we can always say the Nets were worse – but let’s get past 9 first so we don’t hold that record. As an organisation, as a fanbase, I sincerely implore you to accept that the next 2-3 years, perhaps longer, will be tough. Very tough. There isn’t a LeBron or Blake Griffin coming out this summer, we won’t draft that one guy who turns everything around in one season. It will take time, it might very well take the top pick this summer and a top three pick the following year before we even start to think about playoff basketball again. But I’m ok with that; funny as it sounds I’m kinda looking forward to the challenge. Riding the artist formerly known as number 23’s coattails was fun, we loved it, but now the real test begins. We need to stop the bleeding first of all by getting a win; you’d be amazed what that can do for a team.

I know you’re probably blue in the face from me saying this, and also talking copious amounts of crap in this blogspace every week, for that I apologise, I’m just a little angry that our head office hasn’t pushed the reset button yet. I’m sure you are too, and I’m sure you’re hurting just as much as I am. I’m just hoping that our soon-to-be 7 game home stretch can bring us some joy, however little or short it may be. Keep the faith Cavs fans, things can only get better…


Around the NBA

I swear to you; there was an actual Elton Brand sighting in Philadelphia Friday night. We’re still waiting on actual proof, but reports say he was spotted in a “painted area”, holding a “round orange object” before he threw it through a red hoop several times on his way to 31 points. Stay tuned for more on this remarkable story.

Derrick Rose finished Saturday night’s game against Golden State one turnover shy of a triple-double. Would that have counted?

Monta Ellis, in his last 4 games, has attempted 77 field goals. It’s a miracle how any other member of that team averages double-digits in points scored.

Corey Brewer, Wilson Chandler and a first round pick for Carmelo Anthony. You know that saying “I guess its better than nothing”. I’m not sure that applies here.

If I’m Minnesota, and I’ve a frontcourt made up of Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph when/if a deal goes down, I’m pretty happy about that.

I’m just pissed we didn’t try nab Randolph, but that’s me and my man crush on him over now.

I swear to you; there was an actual Vince Carter sighting in Oklahoma Friday night. We’re still waiting on actual proof, but reports say he was spotted on the perimeter of things, holding a round orange object before he threw it through a red hoop several times on his way to 33 points. Stay tuned for more on this remarkable story.

I know they’re not exactly firing on all cylinders, but the Lakers are still the best team (and if not the best they’re like, 1a) in the league when they feed Gasol the ball. 13-17 shooting and 34 points and 10 rebounds later I hope they realise that. When they play inside out on a consistent basis, they’re very, very good. No wonder I hate LA.

Wow, Marco Belinelli has really slowed down as the season has progressed.

I don’t know what more Landry Fields can do to get some ROY recognition, I know he’s not exactly Blake Griffin or anything, but how good has this kid outta Stanford been? Against the 76ers last night (who boast the 2nd overall pick of Fields’ draft in Evan Turner amongst their ranks) he went 10-13 (including 5-7 from 3pt range) for 25 points. For me, that’s not the impressive part, the impressive part is the fact that the rookie shooting guard grabbed ten rebounds. Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes had ten rebounds combined. People talk about the need for a “big three” in New York to get it done, that they need three stars to match Miami and Boston. Landry Fields, to me, is what they need. The unassuming star that doesn’t take away from the franchise guy but still gets it done. I could go on and on because there’s plenty to love about the kids future, I just hope the Knicks realise its best served he lives it out with them.

Do we now count out Orlando as legitimate threats in the East? Two consecutive losses to their two main rivals isn’t the most inspiring way to end your week — but I know they know they still have the most unstoppable force in the East in Dwight Howard. Problem is, when your main guy can’t hit free throws and can’t be counted on in crunch time to deliver, how long do they continue spending obscene amounts of money? My guess is they’ll stop that spending right around July, 2012.

And finally, our Cavs roll into Dallas tonight to face one of the top three teams in the West, sitting in 24 losses on the bounce. Stranger things have happened…