DDG’s Whole New Ball Game Series

Our friends over at DearDanGilbert are celebrating their website’s one year anniversary with a five-part introspection series on the evolving world of covering Cleveland sports through “the eyes of some of Cleveland’s best non-traditional journalists and bloggers” and they managed to even find an open spot for yours truly. 

Needless to say I was honored by the invite, and I thought both the topic and concept for the “Whole New Ball Game Series” were very well constructed by DDG. I enjoyed putting my contribution together over the weekend, and an excerpt / intro to what I wrote is as follows:

To a degree, the current climate of all three Cleveland sports franchises could be used as an example of the shifting tones in which sports are discussed in our modern age of media.

It would be fair to argue that the Browns, Cavaliers, and even the Indians, are each in the developmental stages of identifying who they want to become for next decade. All three organizations have demonstrated the ability to win in the past, but all three also realize the methods by which they won cannot necessarily be duplicated moving forward. They are all starting over at the same time, all building towards a future of uncertainty, and all three fueled by an overwhelming passion for continuous improvement. 

I believe that we are also in the developmental stages of identifying how sports will be covered for the next decade right now as well, both in Cleveland and beyond.

The blogging medium, as one general example, has almost gone from a voice in direct opposition to the mainstream coverage of sports, to helping shape that same discussion in a little over five years. The voices that will be heard the loudest over the next decade, I believe, will be the ones who understand the methods by which they covered sports ten, five, or even three years ago, may not completely satisfy the evolving hunger for sports information in the future.

To read the full post, go to Dear Dan Gilbert by clicking here.

In addition to enjoying my involvement in the series, it has also been great to read along with the contributions of my good friends Scott Sargent and Glenn Moore, and I look foward to reading the final two parts in the series from our buddies Daryl Ruiter and Sam Drew as well.  Sam is the founder of DDG, and I recommend you stop by to check out the series as well as his site.  Congrats again to the gang over at DearDanGilbert on their first year, I look forward to being back to celebrate year two. 

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