An Email To Ryan Hollins


I heard your departure from the Cavaliers was a mutual decision, and I just wanted to thank you for your role in that. It was time bro, and it takes a real man to be able to admit such things. I also appreciate you not showing off this season, ball hogging it up, or being out there worried about your own statistics too. If you had been, you might not have allowed Tristan Thompson the opportunity to start out of position at Center this season to close out the year. But you cared more about the future of this organization than yourself Ryan, put up numbers of 3.7 points and 2.3 rebounds per game as a result, and I appreciate you doing that. 

I’d also been meaning to tell you that I developed a new found respect for you when you jumped on Twitter a couple months ago too, because I did. You and I both knew you were opening yourself up to a long list of snarky @ messages, even some down-right mean ones, but in the spirit of connecting with Ryan Hollins fans and supporters all over the world you did it anyways. Good for you on that. I’m sorry things didn’t end up working out for you this season in Cleveland though, and pay no mind to all those people celebrating you’re departure on that social medium yesterday. Think about it more like they were celebrating your career in Cleveland, you know? 

I know after dunking those twenty times in that exhibition game during the lockout things were looking up for you, and I’m sorry that didn’t translate onto the NBA Hardwood. Yet. The good news is you’re still a seven foot former high jumper in college who runs pretty well for a guy your size. I bet somebody still signs you even though you’re a career 4.2 points and 2.3 rebounds per game guy. Can’t coach height, right Ryno? Worst, worst case scenario, you can definitely get your broadcaster on for sure though. I saw you putting in work during the Lockout with those UCLA games, and at Media Day you were a real card too. You’re seven feet of personality, Ryan, you’re going to kill it in the booth one day, know that.

Anyways, the real reason I wanted to write you this email was to let you know that I will remember your career in Cleveland for that good time. You know what I’m talking about too. What happened that night in Cleveland when you led the Cavaliers to that victory against Miami last season boss? You were incredible that night Ry, have you watched that tape? You did it all man, started a fight with D-Wade, you were dunking on anybody who crossed your path, swinging on the rim, and completely dominating Chris Bosh. You straight punked Bosh, actually, remember that series when you blocked his shot twice

Whether you remember that game or your don’t, Mr. Hollins, I always will. You can bet on that. For all the sarcastic things anybody has ever said about you, this is no bullsh*t: Cleveland will always appreciate your effort that night when you helped the Cavs beat LeBron for the first time. All we’ve ever asked of our athletes is that they play hard, and don’t back down from anybody. Nobody played harder than you in that game Ryan, and that’s the lasting image I’ll always have when I hear the name Ryan Hollins.

So good luck to you pal, and I hope you find a new home shortly. Beers on me in Cleveland next time you come through.


Brendan Bowers 


Brendan Bowers

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