On Anderson Varejao’s return and how many more games he plays this season

Tonight in Orlando against the Magic will be the 20th game the Cleveland Cavaliers have played since losing Anderson Varejao back on February 10th. While most people thought they’d lose just about every game they played after he went down, the Cavs have been able to manage a respectable record of 7-12. Maybe tonight will be win number 8 too, who knows. What we do know though, is that Anderson Varejao will be returning to basketball activities over the next couple weeks.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Anderson Varejao (17), from Brazil, shoots inside Los Angeles Clippers' Reggie Evans in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012, in Cleveland.
We know that because the Cavaliers said as much in the following press release on Friday:

“Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao sustained a right wrist fracture during the Cavaliers home game on Friday, February 10th against the Milwaukee Bucks. He has made good progress in his healing process and continues to receive treatment from the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Sports Health. Varejao has begun the rehabilitation phase of his recovery process, as he works towards a return to basic basketball activities over the next two weeks. His status will be reviewed and updated as appropriate following further imaging and evaluation at the end of March. His return to practice is currently projected for the first or second week in April and his return to play would follow that, with specific timing based on his continued progress.”

So what’s the Over/Under on how many games he ends up playing from now until the end of the season you ask?  I’ll get to that in a moment, but the second week of April starts on Monday the 10th. The Cavaliers play the Bobcats that night, and should actually send the Canton Charge out onto the floor because I’m sure they could beat Charlotte just the same, but that’s besides the point and I’m getting off topic.

Including that Bobcats match-up, the Cavaliers would have 12 more games to close out the regular season from that date of April 10th. So I’m setting the Over/Under at SEVEN, (7) more games played by Anderson Varejao this season, and I’m betting the under. I don’t think he’ll play 8 or more games is what I’m saying, sorry for being repetitive there. I don’t think the playoffs factor into this at all either, because that ship sailed when Mike D’Antoni left New York. The Knicks have won 5-straight, are currently trying hard for Mike Woodson, and I don’t think however many games out the Cavaliers might be on whatever date will have any impact on Anderson’s return at all.  When he can play, he’ll play, and there’s no reason to risk anything at this point. It also gives Tristan at least 10 more starts at Center too (including tonight) prior to that April 10th game, and then probably more from there.

Cavs on National Television:

I’ve talked about this before, but the crazy thing about Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson’s performances down at All Star Weekend in the Rookie Challenge was that most of the national audience watching had never seen them play before in the NBA. The Cavaliers did not have any national television games, but that’s all changing now. The people have spoken, and they’re are demanding more Cavs basketball.

This also from the team on Friday afternoon:

The Cleveland Cavaliers game at Philadelphia on March 27 at 7:00 p.m. will now be televised on NBA TV. The Cavs games at New York on March 31 at 7:30 p.m. and at Memphis on April 23rd are also slated to be on NBA TV as previously announced. 

Lastly, I did an in-depth interview with Jamal Crawford at SLAM Online today, here is the link. Have a great weekend peoples!

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