Antawn Jamison & Anthony Parker Cavs Eras might not actually both end tonight

Byron Scott was asked the following question after last night’s loss to the Washington Wizards: “If this was the last game for Jamison and Parker at the Q, sad to see them go?” He responded by using “if” as three of his first six word choices, and went on from there to detail the man-crush he has on each of those two guys respectively.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Anthony Parker celebrates a 3-point shot against the Charlotte Bobcats in the third quarter of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, April 10, 2012, in Cleveland. Parker scored 19 points in the Cavaliers' 103-90 win.
Yeah, if, yeah. If, yeah, if this was the last game, than it would be sad because both those guys are unbelieveable professional basketball players and they’re great people.” He also added that they were great with the young players this season, did everything a coach could ever ask for on a daily basis, and that if this was their last game in Cleveland he wanted them to know how much he appreciated them as people and players.

It was that fourth “if” that had me standing there thinking that maybe it’s possible one of these two guys do come back next season afterall. Hopefully that’s Jamison then, I thought, in a reserve role off the bench where he provides a scoring punch and veteran leadership as a sixth or seventh man on a one-year $5 million deal. Because there’s now way he can be referring to the possibility of bringing Anthony Parker back next season with all those “if’s”, right?

A few minutes later, as the media surrounded Jamison’s locker, he said this in regards to the possibility of him returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers next season: “For me, it’s time to move on. I don’t know what the future holds, but I definitely have a great feeling that this is my last home game and tomorrow will be my last game as a Cav.” I then stood there thinking: Hmmmmm. So are we saying AP could maybe be back next year then? No way, right?

Before I get to that, I did want to add that Jamison’s comments last night were sincere and respectful of the Cavaliers in my opinion. I’m not sure who thought or said they weren’t, but in my opinion he was just answering questions he was being asked honestly and genuinely. That was my reply last night on Twitter to people who asked me about that particular question, and I just wanted to retiterate.

Whether you think Jamison shoots too much, don’t like him because he doesn’t really do defense these days, or are still bitter because he didn’t end up being that missing title piece, don’t think for a second that all of what Byron said about the guy isn’t true. Same for AP as far as that goes, and Jamsion was just saying he’s gone, and he’s looking to chase an NBA title somewhere else for two more years basically.

Getting back to Byron Scott’s postgame comments though, he had to know what Tawn’s position on re-signing was already. Those two are real cool, and I’m sure Jamison told him by now too, I’d think, is what I’m getting at. Which was why I’m left wondering if it’s possible that Anthony Parker is that guy who actually maybe didn’t play his last game at home as a Cavalier on Wednesday. 

So maybe if AP doesn’t end up retiring, as has been also mentioned recently, he could end up being that guy who’s back again next year to provide the same professionalism and veteran leadership he did this year I guess. If he his though, I am praying that is as a back-up to Bradley Beal, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Harrison Barnes.

Parker can come back I suppose, but he cannot start anymore. Or even play a substantial amount during games. That part does have to end tonight, regardless.

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