Antawn Jamison has huge game, then misses two game winning free throws

If Antawn Jamison doesn’t explode for 30+ in the first four quarters he never has a chance to miss those game winning free throws at the end of regulation. That’s both the really good and the really disappointing part of Jamison’s game last night.

I’ve been kinda hard on Antawn over the course of this season, and even last season too really. The way he patterns his shooting style after your uncle’s driveway game I find amusing, the new launching points for shots he invents with regularity I am constantly in awe of, and I also get the feeling that he’s consciously shooting his way out of town by way of a trade sometimes too. Maybe all that’s true in some ways, maybe it isn’t. What is true for sure though, is that this team would probably never win if Jamison wasn’t always trying to score. You do need somebody who wants to do that, and he’s been hanging some major numbers on the board here lately.

In the last three games, Antawn has scored 25 at Miami, 27 in a win over the Clippers, and 34 last night in that 113-112 OT loss to the Bucks. He also grabbed 11 rebounds last night too, getting himself fouled grabbing that last on on the defensive end to set up those two FT’s that he eventually missed. So even though he could’ve won things at the stripe last night, I think he deserves more praise for the game he had than snarky commentary about the two he missed.

Below is video of Daniel Gibson (17 points, 8 assits, 6 rebounds) saying pretty much the same thing I did at the open here:

Gibson has now scored 17 points in each of his last two games since returning from that neck infection, and I wanted the ball in his hands down the stretch last night. After not touching it for two possessions, he did eventually get it late but they called him for a charge. Byron Scott said that play was set up for Booby to shoot a three coming off a screen, and if it wasn’t there for him to keep going to the basket. Daniel did that, shot a floater, but got called for that charge. He was politically correct, if not real professional about that call after the game, but I kinda thought I saw dude’s foot on the no-charge circle during the replay. Oh well I guess.

Ramon Sessions kept filling in for Kyrie Irving by channelling his inner-Steve Nash again last night, finishing with 12 points and 16 (!!!) assists. If you’re Chris Grant, and maybe trying to field as many calls as you can for Sessions around the League right now, Sessions has given you more than anybody could’ve asked for with Kyrie out here. He’s averaging 19 points and 14.5 assists in his last two games. Yikes.

Omri Casspi opened the game strong and finished with 12 points on 5 of 7 shooting to go along with a game high plus / minus of +16. Alonzo Gee added 18 points, and played well even though he maybe might’ve forgot they needed three with about five seconds to go when he went to the basket at the end of OT. Tristan Thompson grabbed a game-high 13 rebounds too, and that accounted for 6 more than anybody on the Bucks collected on the game. It was also a career high, and it was good to see the electrically young leaper back out on the floor last night.

It wasn’t good to see Anderson Varejao leave the floor with a wrist injury early in the third quarter though, and I don’t think he’ll be playing tonight. I saw him leave the Q with a black support / air brace type thing on his wrist, and while I have no idea the severity of the injury, I find it hard to think he’ll play tonight. Anderson is super-tough though, so if there is a remote possibility of anybody being able to play with the injury he sustained last night it will be him.

No time to get real caught up in all the happenings last night however, right back at it tonight with the Sixers. Doug Collins has those guys playing real well too, and it will be another tough test. Especially without Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao (maybe). 

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