Byron Scott On Kyrie Irving, The Closer

With Boston in town for game two of this home and away series with the Celtics tonight, the talk following Kyrie Irving’s heroics on Sunday revolved around specifically that on Tuesday after shoot-around. Or at least that, along with Christian Eyenga being categorized as a “might play” tonight with Anthony Parker and Daniel Gibson banged up, was basically all I was interested in as I stood there listening.

Following Sunday’s game, I thought it was particularly cool that Byron instructed Kyrie Irving to take that last shot with seven seconds to go. It’s was a gutsy call that Kyrie made look easy. There were 22 seconds to work with, the Cavs could’ve taken the best shot available and then played the free throw game from there, but they didn’t.

They went for the win on the road, they got just that, and in the video below Byron talks about telling Kyrie to “go at seven”:

As he mentioned, some assistant coaches thought maybe that was a tad aggresive. But “Kyrie Irving’s a closer” people, something that “every team needs”, as Byron went on to say on Tuesday as well:

Cavs tip tonight at 7pm against the visiting Celtics, and Rajon Rondo is expected to miss Tuesday’s game too. Byron also said that he expects Boston to come out “pissed” that his Cavs team, in their view, “stole that game” from them on Sunday, and I expect he’s right. Kevin Garnett, for one, will probably be even madder than usual so watch out for him trying to turn this thing into a bar-fight somehow.

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