C.J. Miles talks about his slump and how he’s broken through it

C.J. Miles finished with 17 points in the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday. He's now averaging 10.0 points per game for the season. 

Over the last six games, Miles has scored 18.5 per night to get himself up to double-figures for the first time as a Cavalier.

This after averaging only 4.5 in his first six before falling completely out of Byron Scott's rotation.

Starting in the place of an injured Dion Waiters recently, Miles appears to have worked his way through those shoooting woes for good. I talked with C.J. about all that following the Bucks game.


Miles hit for 28 twice this week against the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers. In those two games he combined to make 11 of his 19 three's.

Truth is, Miles was really only slumping for 12 games. It's game 18 of the season and he's now averaging double-figures. That's about where everybody expected he'd be anyway.

C.J's struggles were magnified, however, because of the first impression he was hoping to make on Cavaliers fans. That first impression, on the court at least, was a pretty brutal one.

The instant classification process we go through on Twitter had a lot to do with that.

First impressions, true slumps and social media's role in all that, though, is a topic for another day. I may reach out to Will Hunting's shrink for an expert opinion before expanding that thought.

For now, let's just hope that Miles can stay slump-free for the rest of the season. He's a refreshing guy to talk to and you cannot help but appreciate his candor.

All of which seems to come off way cooler when he's playing okay.

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