Cavs Fall To Heat, Now Lob City’s In Town

The Cleveland Cavaliers effort was okay last night in Miami. Their bench didn’t give them anything. The Miami Heat were finally able to get their revenge on Ryan Hollins, and missing Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker, and Tristan Thompson really hurt last night. You need to be at full strength to have a chance against a team like the Miami Heat, especially when their lined up at full strength opposite you. By you I am referring to all NBA teams.

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (L) drives past Miami Heat defender Mike Miller (R) in the fourth quarter during their NBA basketball game in Miami, Florida, February 7, 2012.
There’s not much more to really say about last night’s game. Luke Harangody can’t shoot 1 for 9 in 14 minutes. Ramon Sessions can’t play 30 minutes and finish with 4 turnovers, shoot 2 of 8, and finish with a game worst plus / minus of -24. Ryan Hollins can’t really do what he did last night when he was out there either. Nor can the Cavaliers afford to miss 10 free throws in a game like. These are all things everybody knows though, so that’s why I don’t really feel like talking about it all that much.

Samardo Samuels should’ve gotten Hollins’ minutes, but Ryan was previously known to be a Heat killer so I don’t mind him getting a look too much based on that. I just mind the way he played. I also didn’t mind seeing my man Skyenga out there, thought he played one heckuva floor game, but he’s going to need to either make a couple shots or not take four of them next time. That block he had on Norris Cole got me up out of my couch though, and I loved the effort diving into the bench there too, so hopefully Sky Man can build on that defensive effort he had and get some additional run here tonight.

Hopefully too, if Antawn Jamison is able to go for 20 on the first half next time he wont get into foul trouble early and have to sit for most of the second and follow that up with only 5 to close out the next two periods. Anderson Vareajao had kind of an off-night, but still finished with an 11 point, 11 rebound double-double while playing tons of defense. Kyrie Irving hit a couple mid-range jumpers last night, in his continued effort to make those cool again, and finished with an All Star stat-line that ready 16-6-6. Alonzo Gee played real well last night at the two, scoring 17 points on one end and adding some solid defense against LeBron and Wade on the other, and if I was forced to pick a Cavs player of the game it would be him.

I did like the starting five as a unit that they had out there though for whatever that’s worth, over the one with Anthony Parker in it, and that five man unit actually finished +8 as a group overall for the game. Not bad when you lose 107-91. Daniel Gibson is supposed to be back tonight against the Clippers, but I’m not sure on AP or Tristan. Oh yeah, and hopefully Skyenga gets a real chance here over the next twenty games for some on-court NBA development opportunities based on his effort last night. For everybody bashing my boy right now, dude hasn’t even played in an 82 or even 66-game NBA schedule of games yet. Back off.

ORLANDO, FL - FEBRUARY 06:  Chris Paul #3 of the Los Angeles Clippers dribbles during the game against the Orlando Magic at Amway Center on February 6, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.
I’m heading down to the Clippers shoot-a-round here shortly though, so time to move on from Tuesday’s game in Miami for me. As much fun as last night could’ve been had the Cavaliers won, tonight at home is a game I’ve had circled for a while. Blake Griffin. Lob City. Mo Williams comes back to Cleveland playing really well right now for the Clipps. And then you have the main event in my opinion: Kyrie Irving vs. Chris Paul. In the words of Terrell Owens, be sure to have your popcorn prepared. I’ll have more on all this later.

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