Cavs in nation’s capital to face Wizards after getting crushed by Derrick Rose & the Bulls

I timed my walk up to the Q last night to coincide perfectly with a torrential downpour. Though I walked in completely drenched, I do so both willingly and hopefully nonetheless. Kyrie Irving was about to match-up for the first time ever with Derrick Rose, maybe. I knew Irving was a game-time decision by then, but maybe he’d play, I thought. Only he didn’t, just like the last time when Kyrie did go and Derrick sat injured during his previous trip to Cleveland. This time Irving would eventually not dress, as a result of a flu-type bug he caught down in Orlando, and for the rest of my night I’d go from being water-logged to simply damp for no good reason.

I did catch up with D-Rose after the game though, which was cool, and below is that video I shot with my IPhone from Verizon Al. D-Rose talked about Kyrie a little bit afterwards anyways when prompted too:

I wasn’t actually rolling tape for the best part of that video either unfortunately. After completely annihilating the Cavaliers, there wasn’t too much to really ask Rose about. As he walked through the locker room, towards the media, Derrick actually stopped and said real politely to the 7 or 10 people: “Do you guys want to talk?”. Everyone, including myself, started pulling out their recorders or whatever and waited for somebody to ask a question. Awkward pause ensued, nobody said anything. Rose then smiled, kinda started laughing, and then said, “Does anybody want to start?” I started laughing myself, couldn’t think of anything to say, then finally somebody asked the first question. Derrick Rose is the coolest, is what I walked out of there thinking. Maybe next time I’ll ask him something.

Getting back to the game though, Ramon Sessions played well, so I guess maybe his trade value improved incrementally or something. Other than that, Tristan almost got another double / double, finished with 7 points and 10 rebounds, and that’s about it on the positive side. Coach Thib’s, who’s emerged as one of my favorite coaches in the League this season, said nice things about the Cavaliers anyways during his post game presser too in case you’re interested.  Said Coach Thibodeau: “I think Cleveland is a really good, young team. We caught a break with Irving being out, but Sessions is playing really well for them.”

The Cavs fall now to 13-21, and are in Washington tonight to square off with John Wall, JaVale McGee, and the artists formerly known as the Bullets. For some strange reason, the Cavaliers have lost 6 of their last 7 in Washington and 14 of their previous 17. The Wizards are 7-28 right now, so even though John Wall’s averaging 17 points, 8 assists, and 5 rebounds per game, they’re still a pretty awful team and maybe the Cavs can get some revenge. Kyrie Irving does have a lot to do with how good the Cavaliers team is though, as evidenced by last night and any time he doesn’t play, so if he’s still sick tonight the Cavs will probably get killed anyways despite how bad the Wizards are.  Irving did make the trip however, so there’s at least that hope heading in.

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