Cavs Zine 2 Available At Mullarkey’s Irish Pub Starting On Saturday March 3rd

A limited number of CAVS ZINE 2’s will be made available to the public on a first come, first serve basis starting tomorrow (Saturday) at Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in Downtown Willoughby. If you don’t know where Mullarkey’s is, you better ask somebody. Or, you can click on this link here which will tell you Mullarkey’s is located on the corner of Erie and Second Street in the heart of Downtown Willoughby, just east of Cleveland. 

I will only be dropping off between 30 and 32 copies tomorrow afternoon as a heads up. They will be back behind the bar too, I’m not leaving them out for just anybody to grab one. The idea is to make them available for CAVS ZINE enthusiasts specifically, so in order to get one, you need to ask the bartenders. Politely say something like: “Hey, can I get a copy of Cavs Zine 2 please?” I will do my best to make sure everyone knows where I put the box of Cavs Zine’s, and if you have any questions while you’re there, just hit me up on Twitter.

Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in Downtown Willoughby will be open on Saturday at 4pm, Sunday at 7pm, and Monday thru Friday they will also be open from 4pm on.

Brendan Bowers

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