Cavs Zine takes over Progressive Field, then holds power brunch

The highly anticipated Cavs Zine 3 is coming. Members of the Cavs Zine creative staff mobilized this past weekend and first took over Progressive Field on Saturday night in preparation of our third annual installment.

The Indians responded by knocking off the hated New York Yankees, and this momentum spilled into a Power Brunch on Sunday. The weekend served as a Think Tank for Cavaliers Fandom, as article ideas sparked by creativity and innovation were explored.

These stickers were also passed out to a number of lucky Cleveland sports fans. As you can see from the picture below, everybody wanted one.

After the game (pictured from left to right), , myself, @TheDannyFairy and @WayneEmbrysKids were taken down to the visitors’ dugout to watch the Bruce Springsteen themed fireworks display. Shout-outs to  on the camera work, as well as @_Believeland who left moments earlier in preparation for the Warrior Dash on Sunday. According to ESPN, @_Believeland went on to set a World Record in the Warrior Dash, so congratulations to him on that.

Here’s a closer look at the credentials we were wearing, as designed by Brenkus. Totally awesome, as you can see. 

While we were in the Social Suite, the Indians also thought that Jackson and I looked like Chris Perez and Jason Kipnis. They took the picture below, tweeted it out, and called us look-a-likes. My offical apology to Jason Kipnis is included here. I’m sure it’s not as cool for him to be consistently compared to a sports blogger as it is for me to be compared to an All Star Caliber 2nd Baseman in the Major Leagues. 

The Cavs Zine Power Brunch was also well attended. Dropping in for that on Sunday was , as well as others from the night before. Most people ordered the Chicken and Waffles, and Deagans did not disappoint. 

Some of the new features in Cavs Zine 3 may include: Discussion of Terrell Brandon. We may reach out ot Mark Price. There could be another musical installment similar to Cavs Zine 2. Tyler Zeller’s business acumen will not go unnoticed. Dion Waiters will be getting mad respect. More designs from my favorite artist Brenkus will be featured. It may or may not be passed out by volunteers outside the Q dressed up like Uncle Drew. If you liked Cavs Zine 1 and Cavs Zine 2, this will be the most spectacular installment of all-time. 

As more information becomes public, I will keep you posted. In the meantime, stay tuned for Cavs Zine 3.


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