Lots of CLE fans on Twitter asked Dan Gilbert about buying the Indians last night

The Cleveland Twittersphere exploded with talk of Dan Gilbert and the idea that he purchase the Cleveland Indians last night. Maybe you saw this. In an apparent response to tweets he’d most likely been receiving from Cleveland fans who were upset about the lack of moves made by the Tribe at the trade deadline or something, Gilbert first posted the following on his Twitter account just after 9pm: “Cleveland, help me understand why U are going nuts on twitter about the Indians the past 2 days. I am very humbled but Tribe not for sale“.

This was met with an avalanche response. I am setting the over/under on @msg’s Dan Gilbert directly received in response to the above tweet at 849 as of 8am this morning. This post was retweeted 215 times by 11pm last night, and favorited thirty-three times by then as well. As of 8am this morning it had been retweeted 242 times.

I would categorize the vast majority of responses that Gilbert received as glowingly supportive of the idea that he purchase the Cleveland Indians. Below are some of those examples. A Twitter search of @CavsDan will result in a zillion more; or if my over/under line is accurate approximately 842 more.

I personally enjoy Dan Gilbert owning the Cleveland Cavaliers. As long as he continues to do that, I’m cool with whatever else he wants to do. I also do think that the Dolan family gets unfairly blamed to an certain extent for guys like Travis Hafner being awful and Grady Sizemore getting hurt all the time, but you didn’t come here for commentary on any of that. 

Getting back to Gilbert, the last time he spoke on the possibility of buying the Cleveland Indians was back in May. At his season ending media availability, Gilbert said that he “has not studied or explored the idea of buying the Indians”. Doesn’t sound like that’s changed since then either. If it does, I’ll let you guys know right away.

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