Cavs looking to do what Magic did in 1993, with much better odds

The Cavaliers are looking to become the first team to win the NBA Draft Lottery in back-to-back seasons since the Orlando Magic did so in 1992 and 1993. I wrote about that this morning at, highlighting the fact that the Cavs also have the 3rd best chance of any team since Orlando to actually do that. There’s also a list I compiled which notes the chances each team had since 1994 to pick first following the year they did so, and where they ended up drafting that following season. 

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott, left, and general manager Chris Grant watch the end of practice at the NBA basketball team's training camp, Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, in Independence, Ohio.
You can check it out by clicking here, and below is an excerpt:

The only two teams since the Magic with a better chance than the Cavaliers have now of winning the Lottery in two consecutive years are the 2000 Bulls and the 1999 Clippers. Each of those two teams had the 2nd best chance to pick 1st one year after drafting Elton Brand and Michael Olowokandi that previous season respectively, but they each ended up picking 4th.

Beyond those two teams, only the 2011 Washington Wizards, 2001 New Jersey Nets, and 1997 Philadelphia 76ers had the 6th best chance or better of picking first one year after they did so. The Wizards had the 4th best chance last season, after selecting John Wall in 2010, and they picked 6th. The Nets had the 6th best chance after taking Kenyon Martin and they picked 7th, while the Sixers had the 5th best chance to select first one year after drafting Allen Iverson and they ended up picking 2nd.

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