My Interview with Cavs Legend Mark Price

I was able to get in touch with Cleveland Cavaliers legend Mark Price over the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed my time speaking with him by phone. We talked about his current role as Shooting and Development Coach for the Orlando Magic, his thoughts on Kyrie Irving and the current direction of the Cavaliers organization, as well as recalling his playing days in Cleveland. We also discussed the 1986 Cleveland Cavaliers Draft as well, and how that could end up comparing to the opportunity these Cavs have now with four picks upcoming in June. 

The link to our conversation at is right here, and below is a brief excerpt of that:

StepienRules: Who would you compare Kyrie Irving’s game too as far as guys you’ve played or coached against in the NBA?

Mark Price: Kyrie, to me, reminds me a little bit of Isiah Thomas, a guy that I played against. He has the ability to score the ball, but also has done a good job of running the team and getting his other teammates involved too. He’s probably a little bit bigger than Isiah, but the way that he played, he’s a guy that I look at as a good comparison to the way that Kyrie plays.

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I did not include this last note in the write-up however, but I also did ask Mark about the following play too.

I asked him if remembered that play with Golden State against Allen Iverson as a rookie, and if so, did he recall what Allen was saying to him, and what he might have said in response after crossing Allen up and burying that shot on him.

Mark responded by saying: “I remember when Allen came into the League, I don’t really remember that specific play, but I definitely remember when he came into the League and remember playing against him.”

I concluded by telling Mark Price that it was an honor speaking with him, and I’ll always appreciate everything he did for Cleveland in his time with the Cavaliers. He said thank you for saying that, I really enjoyed my time in Cleveland, and that means a lot. 

Mark Price everyone, greatest person to ever live. 

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