Andrew Bynum, Cavs, and all those rumors

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum (17) celebrates a basket against the Oklahoma City Thunder during Game 4 of their NBA Western Conference semi-final playoff basketball game in Los Angeles, California May 19, 2012.It’s about time for another Andrew Bynum to Cleveland rumor to heat up. Until Dwight Howard is officially traded to another team, the Cavaliers will likely be linked to such dealings because they are able to make it work. But only giving up Anderson Varejao and some draft picks for arguably the second best center in the League? Sounds a little too good to be true if you ask me.

It’s fun to dream of Bynum trekking across the country and donning the Wine and Gold. When going through my timeline on Twitter, the majority of fans want Bynum in Cleveland and it’s easy to understand why. He averaged 18 and 11, with a PER of 23 as the third option in Los Angeles. He is a 24 year old, 7-footer entering his prime. Pairing him with Kyrie Irving, I think we have a playoff contender on our hands.

Acquiring Bynum would give the Cavs a core of him, Irving, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller; where do I sign up? Bynum in the paint for the Cavs opens up so many possibilities. Bynum would give the Cavs a legit scorer in the pivot. He commands attention down there. That opens Thompson up to do what he does best, crash the offensive boards and get some buckets. A two-man pick and roll game with Irving and Bynum would be a lethal combo. Clearly, you can see why Cavs fans are drooling.

That’s also why this sounds too good to be true. Yes, we would have to take on some contracts but Dan Gilbert is more than willing to do that. And depending on whom you believe, this trade was either on the verge of happening or such a trade doesn’t even exist. One says Bynum loves Byron Scott, the other says Bynum would have little interest coming to Cleveland, let alone sign an extension. Which might be the biggest hang up.

Bynum has one year left on his deal and the Cavs want assurances he will extend with them. Sorry to break the news, but he is going to test free agency. Just like Howard will when his time comes. It’s the smart thing to do for both of them. This won’t be the last time the Cavs are linked to this type of deal, and it is fun to talk about. But I just don’t want Cavs fans to be disappointed when our biggest acquisition this summer, aside from the draft, turns out to be Jon Leuer.

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