Game Blogs, Kyrie Irvng’s Return and More Cavs Zines

I accepted a job writing for the Bleacher Report’s NBA Division in October.

I’ve been writing NBA-related articles for B/R since before this season began. Maybe you saw the tweets, read an article, or sat looking at a byline one day wondering where you saw that name before.

Regardless, I just thought I'd mention.

It’s been a blessing to be a part of Bleacher Report’s new direction, as synergies with Turner Sports continue to evolve. I’m excited about this opportunity and appreciate whoever's had time to check me out over there.

I bring this up today specifically, though, because I will be Live-Blogging from Quicken Loans Arena tonight for Bleacher Report.

Kobe’s in the house, Dwight too, and Kyrie is back to meet them both. I’ll tweet out my live-blog link later today, just wanted to provide some background in the meantime.

Kyrie Irving is Coming Back 

I was admittedly frustrated when Kyrie Irving was hurt earlier this season.

Not from a win / loss standpoint, necessarily, but more from the entertainment / boredom perspective.

Anderson Varejao has been playing like an All-Star. I enjoy watching the Cavaliers so much that I’ve spent hours of my life watching Smush Parker and Ricky Davis do the best they could out there. But when Irving is out, it is not as awesome to watch the Cavaliers.

Not awesome at all, to be honest.

Glad. To. Have. Him. Back. Beat the Lakers.

More Cavs Zines Available at Mullarkey's Irish Pub 

I met with the brainchild of the world-wide phenomenon that’s become known simply as Cavs Zine on Sunday night.

We met at an undisclosed location on Cleveland's Westside. A Christmas Tree was being trimmed when I arrived.

That's all I'm allowed to say.

That, and the fact that Mr. Jackson hooked me up with 50 more (!!) copies of Cavs Zine 3.

Those copies will become available for pickup at Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in Downtown Willoughby starting on Wednesday at 6pm.

It will be a first come first serve basis. The 100+ copies that Jack made available online were gone in one hour.

With no promotion.

Get your Cavs Zine 3 now while it's still available and then give it to someone for Christmas if you love them enough.

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