Hawks at Cavs: Tweet me your questions and I’ll ask them

The Cleveland Cavaliers play host to the Atlanta Hawks today at 3pm ET as they try to get back into the win column. Tristan Thompson will start at the 5 for this one according to my man Fred McLeod yesterday, Jason Kapono is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier again, and Manny Harris is back for good to close out the season.

Donald Sloan, from the United States, reacts during a men's basketball semifinal match against Mexico at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011. Mexico won 71-55.
Donald Sloan is also the newest member of the Cavaliers now too, just as I “reported” he would be last Saturday. As a good friend of mine pointed out, that lede was somewhat buried, but it is still right here nonetheless buried in the last sentence of the fifth paragraph. Next time, I’ll “break news” more confidently and move that up towards the front where everybody can see it, and maybe even go so far as putting it in the headline like everyone else does.

Tweet me your questions today, and I will ask it:

I’m looking to include a new feature with my credentialed Cavaliers blogging coverage here to finish out this season. I’ve creatively titled this feature: “Tweet me your question, and I will ask it.” I’m sure you understand what this means already, but I’ll explain anyways.

My goal for today is to ask a couple players / coaches at least a couple questions from the Cavaliers Social Media Community that aren’t typically asked in coverage of a Cavaliers game. So if you have a good, interesting, and creative question like that, tweet it at me like this and I’ll ask it:

@StepienRules [Insert who the question is for here]: Type out your question?

I’m going to try and ask at least one of these questions pregame, and then at least one more question postgame. I’m going videotape these one question Q+A’s, and when I ask the questions I’m going to try and say (for example): @YourNameOnTwitter wanted to know…whatever you wanted to know from that person. Then I’m going to include your Twitter handle with the video, transcribe the question and answer, link to your Twitter account there, and tweet the finished product back out to you after I post it here at Stepien Rules on Monday morning. 

These questions can be for any Atlanta Hawks players, either of the Head Coaches, and then obviously for any members of the Cavaliers too. If this ends up working out okay, which I think it will, I’m going to try to keep asking at least one question like this for the rest of the home games that I cover this season.

So thanks in advance for your help with this you guys, and let me know what you think I should ask whenever you get a chance. 

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