Jeremy Lin waiting for Cavs in New York tonight, Carmelo Anthony too

It had to be difficult for the guys who were down at All Star Weekend to play last night. It was hard for me to even sit there. For some reason I was sore, really tired, and didn’t make it much past halftime. I did catch the fourth quarter at my house though, after I left at the break, and really thought Anthony Parker’s shot was about to fall when it left his hand. If he was three feet behind the three point arc, instead of four, it maybe would’ve. Straight on, front rim, Cavs lose by three.

The game was sluggish on both sides, and that’s about what I expected. Doc Rivers made the right calls down the stretch by fouling with the Cavaliers down three, grinding out those last few seconds, and they completely took Irving out of the last play. He had no chance to be a hero that time, and that was all Doc. Nothing the Cavaliers could’ve done. I saw some people complaining on Twitter about Parker getting that last shot, but the reason he got it was because he was the only one the Celtics left open.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson dunks against the Milwaukee Bucks in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012, in Cleveland.
Tristan Thompson had another productive night though, and he has now double / doubled in three of his last four games. Last night was also his second straight with at least ten points and ten rebounds. Kyrie was a little sloppy with the ball down the stretch (#nitpick), where he turned it over the only two times he did all game, but he still finished with 24 points on 8 of 14 shooting along with 3 assists and 4 rebounds too. Tristan’s double / double checked in at 13 points and 10 rebounds.  So now the Cavaliers head to MadiLin Square Garden.

It will be an interesting game tonight to say the least.  From the Cavaliers side, it’ll be fun to watch Kyrie Irving match-up with Jeremy Lin. As much as I like Lin, love his story, and find it to be honestly inspirational (#realtalk) on some levels, I expect Kyrie to dominate him. Jeremy is good, but Irving is way better, it’s not close. 

ORLANDO, FL - FEBRUARY 24:  Jeremy Lin #17 of the New York Knicks and Team Shaq looks on during the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge part of the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend at Amway Center on February 24, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.
From the Knicks side, it’ll also be interesting to watch Carmelo try to fit in with Lin and this Knicks squad too. Since returning to play alongside Jeremy over the last three games, Carmelo Anthony is 18 of 47 from the floor (38%). In those three games he’s scored 11, 15, and 19, and his Knicks are 1-2 during that 3-game set.  If the Cavaliers can disrupt that chemistry even more tonight, cause the Knicks to fall to 1-3 since Anthony’s return, I would find that to be thoroughly amusing.

It would also go a long way towards that playoff push the Cavs were talking about, assuming they’re serious about that. They kinda need to get this one, then get hot, and inch that 13-19 record back closer to five hundred as soon as they can. More on all that though following the game. 

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