Kyrie beats Durant, Cavs talking trades, and RGIII can’t play SG anyways

The Cavaliers will not be acquiring Robert Griffin III, this much we know. He’s undersized to play shooting guard in the NBA anyways at 6’3″, and the Cavs already have a QB. The same guy who passed for 12 dimes last night, making Ryan Hollins and Anthony Parker look like quality NBA players in the process, against arguably the League’s best team. At their place. Not an easy task for anybody, no offense intended to either of those two aforementioned gentlemen.

Cleveland Cavaliers center Ryan Hollins (5) dunks between Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, left, and guard James Harden, right, in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Friday, March 9, 2012.
What Kyrie Irving did last night in helping his team beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, handing them only their second home loss of the season, was demonstrate the fact that he can beat you multiple ways down the stretch. Go ahead and force him to be a passer in the 4th quarter, and he’ll pass right by you. This after already showing the world he can get to the rack at will, while everybody also knows the worst thing they could do is sag off him and make him shoot jumpers with the game on the line too. Which is probably the easiest way for him to beat anybody. 

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, left, and forward Kevin Durant, right, wait on the side during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oklahoma City, Friday, March 9, 2012. Cleveland won 96-90.
There is an NBA scouting book out on Kyrie Irving at this point, and he just keeps turning pages on fools. Make him shoot that jumper down the stretch, he’ll bury it. Think he’s too small to finish in traffic? He’s not. Send double teams at him and force him to make passes to guys like Ryan Hollins? He’ll turn his guy momentarily into Tyson Chandler. Cavs win again, because Kyrie Irving is that good. Crazy stuff right there in and of itself.

Umm, the Cavs are 9th in the East Right Now:

What’s also pretty interesting / funny / crazy about these last two wins is that the Cavaliers now sit only two back in the loss column of New York for that 8th playoff spot. You can argue as long as you want that the Cavs are not a playoff team, and they probably aren’t, but they do technically sit alone in 9th freaking place right now in the Eastern Conference. They’ll get their second best player back soon too in Anderson Varejao – a guy it seems they don’t have to trade to get a lottery pick possibly, maybe, arguably, reportedly –  and things could get real weird if they beat Houston on Sunday, stick around in 9th, then get a healthy Anderson back.

If I’m guessing, the Cavs trade somebody for something here shortly:

There’s also some trade winds swirling around these Cavaliers too as the deadline rapidly approaches. Ramon Sessions is the best available PG on the trade block I think. If Danny Ainge really wanted to move Rajon Rondo maybe I’m wrong, but Rondo is definitely not actually on the trade block like Sessions is. The Cavs could deal Sessions for a late first rounder – straight up I feel like – maybe to the Lakers. I have heard that if they do move Sessions, Erie Bayhawks PG Donald Sloan is the guy they then bring up out of the D-League to back-up Kyrie for the moment, and they keep going from there.

Beyond Sessions though, they could maybe even package a guy like Antawn Jamison in a deal along with Ramon and get a Lottery Pick. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but Antawn is putting some numbers on the board here lately and how wouldn’t he help fill that Lamar Odom void in LA – at least a little bit? I’ve said all season long that the Cavaliers plan with Jamison was to let him launch as many crazy one legged driveway style shots up as he wants, and hope his trade value rises in the process. Maybe it has?

Sam Amico Reports:

Sam Amico is a guy I respect as much as any reporter in and around the entire NBA, and he offered the following on Twitter earlier today: 

“I know all talk in CLE is RG3, but know this much about Cavs: According to latest, they may not need to miss playoffs to get back in lottery. Not elaborating on Cavs at moment. But you should be able to figure it out. Working on deal for someone’s lottery pick. That’s all for now. As I get more sources to confirm, and more confident that reporting it wouldn’t mess with potential deal, or players, I’ll be more detailed.”

In my attempt to figure this out, through a phone conversation with my guy Bill Nagel earlier today, I think [speculation] that involves the New York Knicks pick (top-5 protected) owned by the Houston Rockets. Just lobbing that speculation out there, as to say, if the Cavaliers finish behind he Knicks they are in the Lottery with their pick. If they pass up the Knicks, make the playoffs somehow, the Knicks are in the Lottery and they get that pick. That deal includes something like Sessions and Jamison to LA, Pau to Houston, that pick to Cleveland, probably other pieces parts I can’t really think of also.

All eyes on Twitter as more develops. Cleveland won’t be trading for that guy from Baylor anymore, but it looks like they will trade for somebody in exchange for maybe Antawn Jamison. They’re in the playoff hunt too, and they got a kid who just beat Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka last night. I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

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